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Literary agents and authors: Our calendar is currently full, and we are closed to submissions at this time. We are additionally closed for music and movie submissions.We’d also like to let you know about our new arts and culture website, CrixeoPlease go to to learn how to contribute articles, photography, and more.
Thank you,
Helen A Rich
CEO, Executive Editor

Dear Author/Agent,

Thank you for your interest in Medallion Press. Here are a few rules to follow when submitting a manuscript to us for consideration:


  1. All work should be submitted by e-mailing a cover letter, a one-to-three-page synopsis, and the first three chapters of your manuscript, each as a Microsoft Word attachment. Text should be formatted in the industry standard of Times New Roman 12-point font. Our e-mail address is emily(at) Please note that we no longer accept paper submissions.


  1. The e-mail’s subject line should include the following: (1) title of the work, (2) genre (and, if applicable, subgenre), and (3) word count. (Example: Cradle Lake, horror, 80,000 words.)



Fiction: fantasy, historical, horror, literary, mainstream, mystery, paranormal, romance, science fiction, suspense, thriller, YA, YA-YA (YA by young adults, ages 12-19)

Nonfiction (agented only, please): autobiography, celebrity, design, fitness, humor, inspirational, memoir, sports, survivor, and more. Please query emily(at)


Word Count Limits



    1. Please allow 3 months for a reply to a submission.


For further info please click the FAQ tab above.


Thank you for your interest in our company, and the very best of luck to you.




The Editors
Medallion Press

P.S. For further info, please click the FAQ tab above.

Q. May I query by mail or by phone?

A. No. We accept e-mail submissions only. Please refer to the guidelines for specific instructions. Mailed submissions will be discarded. No phone calls, please.

Q. Does Medallion Press buy novels on partials or proposals?

A. No. Please do not send a query for a fiction project that is not ready to be viewed in its entirety. If you are an agent representing a nonfiction proposal, please e-mail Editorial Director Emily Steele at Emily(at)

Q. I have already sold my e-book rights. Will Medallion Press still look at my book?

A. No. We are looking for material that has not been published in any format, including e-book.

Q. I’ve already optioned/sold my film rights. Will Medallion Press still look at my book?

A. No. We prefer that all rights arrive to us intact.

Q. I am writing a series. Should I submit?

A. We are not actively seeking series at this time.

Q. May I send a submission to Medallion Press and another publisher at the same time?

A. Yes, but please let us know that this is a simultaneous submission.

Q. May I send multiple submissions to Medallion Press?

A. Yes, but please submit one at a time.

Q. How strict are the word count guidelines?

A. Very. Please adhere to them specifically if you would like your manuscript to be considered.

Q. What is YA-YA?

A. YA-YA, which stands for Young Adults writing for Young Adults, showcases aspiring authors ages twelve to nineteen. This line will be comprised of a variety of fiction genres to be released in print and e-book formats.

Q. How long does it take to receive a response to a submission?

A. You should expect a response within two to three months.

Q. May I request which format I want my book to be in, ie, trade paperback or hardcover?

A. Medallion Press will determine the format of your book based on P&L assessments and marketability.

Q. What are Medallion Press’s contract terms?

A. Our contracts are standard in the industry, and our royalties are competitive. The terms are confidential.

Q. I am a published author with a manuscript I’d like to send, or I am an agent representing a published author. What are your advances?

A. All advances are confidential. The amount of the advance depends on a number of factors, such as whether you’re a first-time or seasoned author. We offer competitive advances and royalty percentages. This allows each author the opportunity to earn back the advance and begin earning royalties quicker. Our goal as a publisher is to present a reasonable advance that can be earned back so both the publisher and author benefit equally from the contract.

Q. May I have a catalog sent to me?

A. Instead of a consumer catalog, our website is designed to help you find our books. If you do not see one of our titles at your local store, you can find the ISBN on our site and bring it to bookstore personnel, who should then be able to order the book for you. You can also find our books online at a variety of retailers, including and


Q. I am a bookseller and want to know if your books are returnable.

A. Yes, they are.

Q. I am an artist. May I submit samples of my work?

A. At this time, we are not seeking art samples.

Q. Is Medallion Press hiring?

A. No.

Q. Is Medallion Press seeking interns?

A. No.

Q. Does Medallion Press publish children’s books or middle grade (MG)?

A. No.

Q. Does Medallion Press publish short stories?

A. No.

Q. Does Medallion Press publish erotica?

A. No.

QIs Medallion Press a small press?

A. While Medallion Press is a small company, this should not be confused with a small press. We publish fiction and nonfiction in hardcover, trade paperback, and e-book formats, and we have national distribution on many levels. .