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    Rusty Fischer

ISBN: 9781605423821

Zombies Don’t Cry

by: Rusty Fischer

Book 1 in the Living Dead Love Stories Series

Maddy Swift is just a normal girl—a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid, Stamp, will ask her out. When he finally does, her whole life changes.


Meet the Author
Rusty Fischer, a former high school teacher,  has worked for the best-selling educational magazines The Mailbox, Learning,and Bookbag. A full-time freelance writer, he is the author of the YA novels Zombies Don’t Cry and Vamplayers.
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Vamplayers 2012
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About This Book

Maddy Swift is just a normal girl—a high school junior surviving class with her best friend and hoping the yummy new kid, Stamp, will ask her out. When he finally does, her whole life changes.

Sneaking out to meet Stamp at a party one rainy night, Maddy is struck by lightning. After awakening, she feels lucky to be alive. Over time, however, Maddy realizes that she’s become the thing she and everyone else fear most: the living dead.

With no heartbeat and no breath in her lungs, Maddy must learn how to survive as a zombie.

Turns out there’s a lot more to being the walking dead than shuffling around 24/7 growling, “Brains,” and hunting for warm bodies. Needing an afterlife makeover is only the beginning of her problems. As Barracuda Bay High faces zombie Armageddon, Maddy must summon all of her strength to protect what matters most—just as soon as she figures out exactly what that is.


ISBN: 9781605423821
Publisher: Medallion Press Inc.
Publish Date: 2011
Page Count:

“Fischer really goes all out with this and makes zombies not must-have-brains, shuffling, decaying monsters but brings them up to a level of awesome that was previously only for vampires and werewolves.” ~ Urban Bachelorette (January 10, 2011)

“A great introduction to a truly unique world, Zombies Don't Cry sets the bar high for YA horror novels.” ~ Colum McKnight, Paperback Horror (February 2, 2011)

“This book is witty, funny, romantic, and downright brilliant. I highly recommend it to lovers of paranormal romance as well as readers who just want a breath of fresh air in the YA market.” ~ Trisha Wolfe, YA Bound (March 2011)

“Dedicated zombie fans will want to read this book and may clamor for a sequel. “ ~ Kirkus Reviews (March 15, 2011)

“Truly terrifying, this is filled with action and a sizzle of romance, along with dances, death, and back-stabbing BFFs. “ ~ Romantic Times (April 2011)

“This book has a good combination of humor, romance, and action. . . . I felt like I’ve known Maddy my whole life. I could not put this book down. I had to know what happened next. I hope Fischer writes a second book.” ~Casey J. Covert, Horror Web (March 2011)

“Rusty’s writing is wonderful. The comedic relief throughout the book was perfectly balanced with the action and zombieness.” ~ Serena, Pensive Bookeaters (March 2011)

“I love zombies books and Zombies Don't Cry by Rusty Fischer was an extremely cool one. There aren’t many zombie books featuring zombies fighting zombies. Fans of zombie teen fiction (one of the coolest genres of all times) will want to pick this up and read it immediately.” ~ Night Owl Teen (March 2011)

"Zombies Don’t Cry is not only a great YA book, but it is also a great zombie book. Rusty Fisher throws the reader curves on the living dead mythos including by introducing the Sentinels, the Elders, the Zerkers and adding new twist with eating brains, copper stakes, graveyard dirt and the fact that zombies can’t shed tears. Highly recommended for the young and the young at heart.” ~ Michael McCarty, Horror World (March 2011)

"I love how the book is not only focused on how to become a zombie [but] focuses also on friendship, betrayal, trust, loss, sacrifice and love." ~ Palm Books Journal (April 18, 2011)

". . . everyone will be surprised how this book goes. From the ridiculous (in a good way) funny to very serious." ~ Candace's Book Blog (April 17, 2011)

“Zombies Don't Cry is a world with a whole new set of rules, and it’s a gruesome but groovy place to be. I didn't want it to end. What happens next? C’mon, man, don't leave me hanging! I'm hoping like crazy for a sequel.” ~ All-Consuming Books (April 22, 2011)

5/5 Stars “Rusty has come out with remarkable talent and left me wanting to read more of his work!” ~ Uniquely Moi Books (April 18, 2011)

“Who knew zombies could be this awesome?” ~ Bibliophilic Book Blog

“There's a lot of tension by the end of the story, and I am (desperately) hoping there’s a sequel because I cannot (wouldn’t) move on if there isn’t. I’m DYING to know what’s going to happen next! I’m giving this a 5 out of 5 stars because I simply loved the story and pretty much everything about the book and I HIGHLY recommend this to zombie fans out there who want a fun and good read with a great story line and fantastic characters.” ~ Mia, Girl About Books (May 16, 2011)

“Rusty Fischer gives this genre a unique twist, giving Zombies real lives. “ ~ Candy Bezner, Single Titles (June 21, 2011)

“Rusty Fischer does an amazing job of writing a first-person narrative of Maddy Swift’s descent into zombie-hood. Not only does he authentically capture the essence of a teenage girl, but he provides a fun, fresh take on the usual leg-dragging, groaning, brain-craving zombie and pens a fun and entertaining story that is often laugh-out-loud and always grin-inducing—although, brains are still required.” ~ Renee C. Fountain, Bookfetish.org and NY Journal of Books

“I loved Rusty Fischer’s Zombies Don't Cry tremendously. It let my imagination run wild! Fischer’s writing style created visual images in my brain that consumed me!” ~ Andrea, Book Trends (July 10, 2012)