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    Jesse Jordan

ISBN: 9781942546306

This Is Not the End

by: Jesse Jordan

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James Salley is turning sixteen, and it’s not going well. His family’s too busy to care, the local bully creates new tortures daily, someone appears to be following him, and he’s just learned that he’s the Antichrist.


Meet the Author
Jesse Jordan received his MFA at Columbia College. This Is Not the End is his second novel. His first, Gospel Hollow, was released in 2012. He lives in Chicago.
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About This Book

James Salley is turning sixteen, and it’s not going well. His family’s too busy to care, the local bully creates new tortures daily, someone appears to be following him, and he’s just learned that he’s the Antichrist.

All James ever wanted out of life was for Dorian Delaney—the operatically trained and suicidal girl of his dreams—to fall as in love with him as he is with her. But once he’s told of his bloody destiny, he finds himself fighting between who he thought he was and who he’s supposed to be.

With the school librarian pushing him to begin the Apocalypse, an irritable homunculus watching his back, and a murderous cabal of Catholics following him everywhere, James must discover how to navigate a world in which everything he’s ever believed is wrong—and if it’s possible to be the hero of a story when you’ve already been cast as the villain.


ISBN: 9781942546306
Publisher: Medallion Press Inc.
Publish Date: 2016
Page Count:

“As James waffles between his conflicting desires to just be a regular kid and to make all who made him miserable pay, readers will probably be able to figure out what choice he will eventually make, but a last-minute twist on James' dilemma is the cherry on top of this absurdly funny and affecting novel. A wickedly funny examination of what it means to choose your own destiny.” —Kirkus Reviews

"This is Not the End—it is only the beginning. Twisting standard mythology and familiar religious tropes, Jesse Jordan has penned a compelling novel, filled with tension, humor, and dark destinies fulfilled." —Richard Thomas, author of Disintegration and Breaker

“I think most readers of fantastic fantasy, especially those who enjoy a unique twist on Biblical prophecy, will have some fun here. The footnotes Jordan adds to further explain people and events throughout the book are an original and enjoyable device.” —David Felts, SF Reader Community

“If you are looking for a funny book with elements of fantasy in it, then I definitely recommend this book. The story was compelling, and . . . I couldn't help but root for [James].” —Stacy Roth, The Reading Room

“A fun, interesting, and fast read. . . . It was quirky and thoughtful and had some interesting, philosophical perspectives on a lot of things from family and life to romance and power. . . . Any book that has me thinking about it outside of when I’m actively reading it is always a worthwhile book to have read.” —Library Thing

“The fate of the world rests in the hands of James Salley. Not because he’s the Chosen One or a hero of any kind; it’s because he’s the Antichrist…. Jesse Jordan crafts a funny tale about fate and the choices we make.” —BOOKish, chosen as one of “Summer 2016’s Must-Read Young Adult Sci-Fi and Fantasy”

“This Is Not the End is an interesting fusion of fantasy, coming of age, and outright Sturm und Drang supernatural suspense.” —Killian Walsh, Teenreads

Basically, The Catcher in the Rye meets The Omen. A dark, funny, and imaginative story about coming of age when faced with a less-than-heroic call to adventure. Sometimes, you don't get picked to be the good guy... and what then? —Geoff Hyatt, author of Birch Hills at Worlds End

“…We are immersed in an interesting approach to the coming of age story—one in which the protagonist is a cock-eyed take on the antichrist and is destined to bring about the war to truly end all wars…. THIS IS NOT THE END has a great premise and the author, Jesse Jordan, exhibits strong skill with character development. Some of his observations on high school life are expertly rendered.” —Kristie Lowry, YA Books Central

“This Is Not the End is intriguing. The writing style is charming and funny. The footnotes add flavor and subplots to the main story.” —Kara Eng, Voya

This is Not the End is a short and complex read filled with great adventure and the potential for self-contemplation. The main character, James, goes through many changes throughout the storyline. Readers will see his doubts, his confusion, and his growing confidence as he learns to decide his own destiny. Along the way you might just find more meaning in your own life and the power of family and friendship. The plot is ever-changing, with a different destiny for James just around the bend. It is hard to predict what will happen next, but that's the fun of the story. I recommend this book to readers ages 12 or older who enjoy fantasy interwoven with religious elements. —Litpick.com