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    Scott Perry, Adam Mock,

ISBN: 9781605422701

Fallen Superheroes

by: Scott Perry, Adam Mock,

Concept & Photography by Eric Curtis

Fallen Superheroes is a caricatured look at extraordinary everyday people through the visionary lens of celebrity photographer Eric Curtis.


Meet the Author
Scott Allen Perry is an actor, independent filmmaker, and writer who produced, wrote, and directed segments for all three seasons of FuelTV’s sketch comedy show Stupidface. He has directed and written episodes of the hit YouTube series Retarded Policeman, which has garnered over 100 million views, and he wrote and directed the comedic documentary The Outdoorsmen: Blood, Sweat & Beers, which premiered on SpikeTV and IFCScott teamed up with Adam Mock and Eric Curtis for the hilarious Mime Very Own Book and Fallen Superheroes. ______________________________________________________________________ Awards and Nominations Mime Very Own Book 2012 IPPY Bronze Award Winner (Humor)
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Meet the Author
Adam Mock was made in Thailand with American parts. He was born in the U.S. on Sept 29, 1972. From a young age he discovered his love for art in all it's wonderful forms. He loves to dissect it, analyze it, be moved by it, changed and rearranged by it, wrestle with it and be in awe of it. He believes art moves mountains, changes people and is the greatest gift of communication we've been given. His artwork work has appeared in many forms over the years, including numerous brochures, bumper stickers, greeting cards, t-shirts, corporate logos, websites, coloring books, tattoos, posters, and book covers. He is currently the President of Medallion Media Group and serves on the board of directors for Triple Threat Mentoring and Dawn Schiller's E.S.T.E.A.M. In Feb 2012 he co-authored "Mime Very Own Book" alongside Scott Allen Perry, starring actor Doug Jones, with photography by Eric Curtis. Adam once again paired with Scott Allen Perry to co-author Eric Curtis' visual allegory "Fallen Superheroes" which is due out in June 2012. He currently resides in Montgomery, IL with his wife Sara, their daughter Magpie, and son Gabriel. Awards and Nominations Mime Very Own Book 2012 IPPY Bronze Award Winner (Humor)
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About This Book

Celebrity Appearances by: Andy Dick (Old School, News Radio), Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), Josh “Ponceman” Perry (Retarded Policeman), Hanna Hall (Forrest Gump)

Fallen Superheroes is a caricatured look at extraordinary everyday people through the visionary lens of celebrity photographer Eric Curtis. Using superheroes (think Batman, Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man, Superman) as the allegory, Curtis explores the not-so-glamorous and sometimes dark realities of those who strive to live their dreams against all odds. Curtis once again pairs his trademark imagery with the witty prose of Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock (Mime Very Own Book), making Fallen Superheroes an eye-popping, gut-busting, esoteric commentary on the unique individuals who color our lives.


ISBN: 9781605422701
Publisher: Medallion Press Inc.
Publish Date: 2012
Page Count:

“When we took a look at the new Eric Curtis photography book, Fallen Superheroes, we were nearly in tears we laughed so hard! If you are a comic book lover, you will surely enjoy the misfit superheroes created by the LA-based photographer, with text by Adam Mock and Scott Allen Perry.” ~ Amanda Jakubik, Trendland.com

Shot in various real-life locations, featuring some very interesting Lycra-clad creativity, adorned with random and witty—sometimes randomly witty—captioning, Fallen Superheroes probably can’t compete with that copy of Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life collection sitting on your coffee table, but it will probably make you smile more. ~ Renee C. Fountain, BookFetish and New York Journal of Books

“Together with writers Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock, Eric Curtis created Fallen Superheroes to catch the attention of superhero lovers who are open to some belly-jiggling laughs.” ~ Noemi Twigg, ForeverGeek (June 6, 2012)

“Fallen Superheroes imagines the daily lives of second-rate superheroes who may have put on a few pounds here and there. Disheveled, worn out, or simply mildly deranged, Curtis’s superheroes indulge in life’s simple pleasures. . . .” ~ Emily Temple, Flavorwire.com

“. . . we get a strong sense of this world, where some incredibly powerful beings do battle in mundane housing developments, while others cultivate eccentric hobbies; some don’t bother to take off the suit before doing their chores, while others enjoy the finer things in life.” ~ Lauren Davis, io9.com

"It's funny, sad, beautiful, ugly and entirely worth reading." ~Amanda Quintenz-Fieldler, Photographer's Forum Magazine

“This is the type of coffee table book that will catch your friends’ eyes and cause conversation to spiral off into spontaneity. But aside from showing off to pals, I found it fascinating to revisit how this project was created (in the introduction) after going through the entire series. It creates a whole new appreciation for the project and had me wishing Hollywood would put the common superheroes to rest and concentrate on a film about these guys and gals.” ~Kiran, Holiday Matinee

“As I read through this mishmash of B-grade heroes and mutants, I am reminded of one thing: how much fun it is to be a comic nerd. . . . A perfect Christmas gift for your comic-loving friends.” ~ Gary Makries, Geeks of Doom