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    Christine Carroll

Children of Dynasty

by: Christine Carroll

The war is on. Empires are at stake ,lives hang in the balance and the time has come for the Children of Dynasty.

Meet the Author
Christine Carroll first discovered romance with Rosemary Rogers’s Sweet Savage Love. How thrilling it was when Steve dragged Ginny under the wagon and ripped her bodice! Romance has come a long way since those early days of the genre, and so has Christine, having graduated from the sidelines to writing her first contemporary single title. Along the road to publication, she studied with RWA cofounder and teacher Rita Gallagher and has watched a number of her fellow students graduate from the manuscript stage to selling. She recommends that aspiring romance authors join both RWA National and their local chapters, where the multipublished rub elbows with and give advice to members who aren’t as far along.
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About This Book

Eight years after her breakup with Rory Campbell, Mariah Grant, sole heir of her father’s construction company, returns to San Francisco from self-imposed exile. Her father is ailing, the business is floundering and in danger of being devoured by an arch rival; Mariah’s expertise is desperately needed. Rory Campbell, also the sole heir to his father’s construction giant, realizes that in spite of the intervening years, Mariah still heats his blood to boiling. Trouble is, their fathers—men once as close as brothers — are now, mysteriously, sworn enemies. Their businesses are battling, and fraternizing with the competition is considered consorting with the enemy. Then there is a deadly, and suspicious, accident on a Grant skyscraper, killing Mariah’s oldest friend. But was he the target? Will the elder Campbell stop at absolutely nothing to bring Grant down and keep his son from rekindling forbidden fires? The war is on. Empires are at stake lives hang in the balance and the time has come for the Children of Dynasty.


Publisher: Medallion Press Inc.
Publish Date: 2005
Page Count:

"An exciting and romantic novel . . . filled with suspense, sexy love scenes, and an adventurous ride into the corporate construction world." ~ Romance Junkies

"An enjoyable tale . . . a likeable hero and heroine, good dialogue, and a stirring romance." ~ Romance Reviews Today

"A satisfying romance with just a touch of mystery added." ~ Affaire de Coeur Magazine

"FOUR STARS! Carroll has created a fascinating and cleverly woven plot." ~ Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine

"Get ready for a suspenseful ride when you read this steamy romance." ~ The Romance Studio