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    Beth Ciotta


by: Beth Ciotta

The Princess is in danger . . .

Beloved storyteller to hundreds of children, Lulu Ross champions non-violence. Just her luck, she’s tiara over glass slippers for a man who carries a gun.

Meet the Author

Beth Ciotta. Once upon a time someone asked me, "Why do you think you were put on this earth?" I answered, "To make people happy." I guess that explains why I've spent more than twenty-five years in the entertainment industry, singing, acting, and dancing my heart out hoping to brighten someone's day. A few years ago I discovered a new way to bring joy; storytelling. Earning a publishing contract was, like a standing ovation, the ultimate rush.

In addition to writing contemporary and historical romances as Beth Ciotta, I also write paranormal romances with Cynthia Klimback as CB Scott. It has been an inspiring and wondrous journey, and the adventure has only just begun!

Awards and Nominations


Reviewers International Organization Award of Excellence 2004 Finalist for Favorite Long Contemporary Romance and Favorite Debut Novel Romancing The West

Nominated for the Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Award for 2007!

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About This Book

The Princess is in danger . . .

Beloved storyteller to hundreds of children, Lulu Ross champions non-violence. Just her luck, she’s tiara over glass slippers for a man who carries a gun.

Professional bodyguard Colin Murphy is s-e-x-y. Too bad he’s delusional. Who would want to hurt Princess Charming—a low-profile, goody-two-shoes who performs as a storybook character at children’s birthday parties? Surely the sexy gifts from a secret admirer are meant for her sister, a bombshell wannabe action-star. Or are they?

Murphy is determined to protect Lulu . . . whether she likes it or not. Perpetually cheerful and absurdly trusting, the locally famous kiddy-heroine refuses to believe she’s in danger.

Tipped off by the FBI, Murphy knows otherwise, but convincing Lulu that she’s the fantasy target of a mobster’s fixation is like trying to hang shades on the sun. Contending with a woman who favors bubblegum lip gloss and a pink poodle purse becomes an exercise in fascination and frustration for the world-weary protection specialist; almost as frustrating as resisting her whimsical charm.


Publisher: Medallion Press Inc.
Publish Date: 2004
Page Count:

"(Charmed is) Ciotta’s enchanting contemporary romance, the sequel to Jinxed ...after reading this madcap romance, Ciotta’s fans will undoubtedly look forward to that next installment." ~ Publishers Weekly

"A wonderful, savvy, sexy and suspenseful romp. Ciotta has woven a terrific tale with characters to die for. This book will definitely leave you "charmed"!" ~ Jan Coffey, Award-winning Author of Fourth Victim

"Beth Ciotta has created outstanding likeable characters and a fun plot that is by turns poignant and whimsical. Charmed is utterly charming." ~ Affaire de Couer Magazine

"… Charmed gives readers a full quotient of fun and sexy excitement. Ciotta breathes real life into both her primary and secondary characters, making their struggles memorable." ~ Romantic Times BOOKclub Magazine

"This book is sizzlingly sexy and just plain fun. Full of equal parts action and humor, I guarantee you will be utterly Charmed." ~ Kathy Samuels, Romance Reviews Today

"Charmed is a delightful story that is not only well-written, but the characters are vastly appealing as well. The story is tender and makes one hope that there are people out in the world who have such open and giving hearts. Beth Ciotta did a wonderful job with this story and I look forward to reading more of her work." ~ A Romance Review