Welcome, April

Welcome, April!


Traci E. Hall helps us welcome a new month with the third installment in the Queen’s Guard series, this time featuring Rose. Set in 1148, this novel will whisk you away to the time of the CruGuardRose168x271sades with lush settings and vibrant romance.


This title is a digital exclusive, so it’s a great option to download for any upcoming vacations, travels, or just leisurely days by the pool!




Spring 1148—Mediterranean Coast


Mamille of Rou, alias Rose, is one of three elite female bodyguards remaining to protect Queen Eleanor of France. The unusual guard began the holy pilgrimage from France to seize the important city of Edessa from infidels.


Along the way, Mamille has been unable to quell her attraction to the strong and handsome Dominus Brochard, a Knight Templar who has travelled with Eleanor’s guard since the very beginning. But unbeknownst to Mamille, Dominus has been working undercover on behalf of the bishop of Clairvaux, ensuring Eleanor’s husband, King Louis, is protected from certain political advisors with nefarious aims.


Mamille thinks Dominus is way too virile to be chaste, though she honors his decision. Dominus thinks she is way too beautiful to sleep alone, and his frustration lies in being unable to claim her for himself. Instead, he watches over her from afar and takes his jealousy out on the enemy Turks.


But there is someone else watching both of them. Someone with enough power and influence to tear the king and queen apart and wrest Mamille and Dominus away from each other forever.


“Hall highlights the romance and intrigue of the Middle Ages in the third chronicle of the Queen’s Guard series (after Peony). Lady Mamille de Rou—Mamie to most, and Rose to her liege, Eleanor, Queen of France—is heartily tired of the current Crusade, now moving through the Mediterranean. While she would gladly follow her queen anywhere, this adventure seems to have been cursed from the beginning with betrayals, intrigues, a spatting royal couple, and the grim presence of the Knights Templar. One of them, Dominus, has her full attention—and he’s taken an oath of chastity. Dominus holds on to his secrets and his duty, but his grasp on them is sorely tested by a determined Rose, while the two find their individual goals mesh well when it comes to serving their masters. This is a touch light on action, but fast-paced, detail-packed storytelling interlaced with humor ensures a satisfying read.”Publishers Weekly


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Come back next month to find out more about Jeremy Brown’s next novel in the Woodshed Wallace series, Anaconda Choke.


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