The Most Visionary Advancement in Storytelling Technology:

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The Most Visionary Advancement in Storytelling Technology:

This Time the Adventure Chooses You!


CHICAGO – June 2014 – This month Medallion Press, a division of Medallion Media Group, releases The Julian Year by Gregory Lamberson, the first novel enhanced with the long-awaited TREEbook™ story-branching technology. The most visionary advancement in publishing, TREEbook allows authors and publishers to create e-book novels that seamlessly shift and grow as people read.


“It gives readers a chance to experience a story like never before,” says Adam Mock, COO of Medallion Media Group and one of the inventors of TREEbook. “We’ve taken the traditional reading experience and enhanced it with our innovative TREEbook technology, which has the ability to organically branch a story down alternate paths. So if you’re ready to dive into the next level of reading, this is it.”


From the moment you open a TREEbook-enhanced novel, there’s no telling where each reading experience might lead. For example, the story may end with the protagonist triumphing over adversity, or it may not. Or the character you thought was the protagonist could end up being the antagonist, while a supporting character emerges as the hero. Branches could lead to drastically different endings, as some of them do in The Julian Year, or they may reveal more about the characters, environments, or social psychology of the setting as in First, There Is a River by Kathy Steffen, Medallion’s second TREEbook-enhanced novel release slated for later this year.


“The e-book revolution is now morphing into the e-book evolution, not just for authors and publishers but for readers as well. The digital landscape has completely upgraded the way we work, communicate, and experience entertainment,” says Mock.


With six TREEbook-enhanced novels of all different genres already contracted and more on the horizon, readers will have plenty of opportunity to experience books like never before. And for those eager to read a story with a plot they can’t predict, TREEbook technology provides an exciting new alternative to formula fiction.


To experience TREEbook story-branching technology, download the free MMG Sidekick app for iPad here:


To learn more about the TREEbook, visit


For more information about Gregory Lamberson or his TREEbook novel, The Julian Year, visit For more information about Kathy Steffen and her TREEbook-enhanced novel, First There Is a River, visit


For questions about the technology behind the TREEbook, visit the blog of MMG’s Executive Director of Technology Brian Buck, accessible from the home page at


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