Treebook Update

A quick update for everyone following our Technology Department blog. We knew August would be heads-down busy with TREEbook development, and that is exactly the condition our team is experiencing. A good condition: ideas are flowing and progress has been made as we approach the fall season and soon-to-be released TREEbook platform.

Here are a few milestone achievements:

Back in July we released our EPUB processor to the open-source development community and established a presence with the Readium organization’s efforts to develop a reference implementation of an EPUB 3–compliant reading platform. The details of this effort are described in our Technology Department’s last blog post. Very soon, our team will be releasing an updated version that delivers solid improvements to the processing of EPUB files.

As for our media app and inaugural 1.0 release, including TREEbook technology reading platform, the iPad reader will include many great features, such as a built-in storefront and manageable user library. A storefront built into the app means our users can directly purchase Medallion titles through their iTunes account providing a seamless interface from purchase to instant reading. Additionally, users will have the benefit of importing into their library all non-DRM EPUBs, creating a centralized reading library.

Also vital to our TREEbook technology are the Authoring Tools: a Web browser–based set of tools for creating TREEbook-compliant EPUB. These tools are being developed at a rapid pace, and we can’t wait to demonstrate the features. Look for a comprehensive blog post soon as we dive into core functions these tools provide. Initially the Authoring Tools will be used in-house by Medallion for the purpose of refining the functionality and feature set as we prepare to release to the public (date TBD).

That’s all from the Medallion Technology Department. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have questions about our TREEbook technology.


Brian Buck

Executive Director of Technology




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