TREEbook™ is a revolutionary advancement in storyttech_ipadselling technology that was built specifically for iPad users. For the first time ever, readers had a chance to passively experience different branches of a story within a novel.

With TREEbook™ technology, readers were led seamlessly through a novel with the possibility that their natural reading habits would trigger one or more of the story’s built-in branches. What made this so intriguing and exciting was that, as the reader, you didn’t know a story was branching. TREEbook™ did not present branches as an active choice that readers made. Instead, branches were passively activated based upon each reader’s individual reading habits.

As of now, Medallion Press is no longer releasing books with built-in TREEbook™ technology. We thank you for your support and dedication.

Previous TREEbook™-enhanced novels are also available as standard e-book or print. Please see the below list of previously released titles.

The Julian Year by Gregory Lamberson (Available December 2015 in e-book format)

First, There Is a River by Kathy Steffen (Available in e-book and print)