Superheroes and Werewolves – June 2012 New Releases

It’s June, and if you haven’t heard, Medallion kicked off the summer with a big announcement. That’s right—we finally took the wraps off a project that has been two years in the making. The TREEbook™ is a revolutionary e-book format that fully immerses readers in the lives and worlds of the characters they are reading about. The reader’s daily activities and reading habits can actually affect the characters, thus causing the story to change. The first TREEbook™, The Julian Year by award-winning author and filmmaker Gregory Lamberson, will be available in 2013. Watch for the Medallion Media app, the very first TREEbook™-compatible reader, available for iPad this fall. To find out more and get up-to-date information on the app and TREEbook™ technology, go to

On top of being the first TREEbook™ author, Gregory Lamberson releases the highly anticipated second book in The Frenzy Cycle this month, The Frenzy War.

Two years have passed since NYPD Captain Tony Mace hunted down and slew Janus Farel, the rogue werewolf who terrorized New York City. Mace paid a price for bucking the brass, and now he pushes paper in the K-9 unit while awaiting retirement, aware that a species of peaceful Wolves lives among us.

The Brotherhood of Torquemada, hell-bent on the Wolves’ extinction, dispatches a team of assassins to wipe out the Wolves residing in NYC. Each assassin has been trained since childhood to fulfill this destiny, and each possesses a revered silver sword, the Blade of Salvation.

When the NYPD and the FBI determine that the Wolves and Torquemadans are engaged in a secret battle, they choose Mace to lead a covert joint task force charged with preventing a citywide panic—at any cost. But Mace’s wife, Cheryl, is a journalist who threatens to uncover the ancient war that has found its way to our shores.

Battle lines are drawn. Loyalties are tested. Bonds are broken. And blood is shed in a war unlike any seen by modern man.

Check out the advance reviews:

“. . . the brisk action and lurid scenes of death and dismemberment produce a lively page-turner with an unusually balanced approach to its monsters, unexpected in a tale that’s equal parts police procedural and blood-drenched horror.”
~Publishers Weekly

“This is a very exciting mixture of crime novel, horror, and fantasy. Lamberson approaches werewolves from an interesting angle (they’re the victims here, not the villains), and the action is appropriately grisly, but he doesn’t lose the element of humor that made the first novel in the series so successful.”
~David Pitt, Booklist

It’s a bird; it’s a plane; it’s. . . Fallen Superheroes! Eric Curtis has reunited with the cocreators of the award-winning Mime Very Own Book to combine distinctive photography with clever snippets about people’s quests to be more than they really are. From fast food to the simple pleasures of gardening, this lighthearted view reveals the superhero in all.

Fallen Superheroes is a caricatured look at extraordinary everyday people through thevisionary lens of celebrity photographer Eric Curtis. Using superheroes as the allegory (think Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Batman, and Spider-Man), Curtis explores the not-so-glamorous and sometimes dark realities of those who strive to live their dreams against all odds. Curtis once again pairs his trademark imagery with the witty prose of Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock (Mime Very Own Book), making Fallen Superheroes an eye-popping, gut-busting, esoteric commentary on the unique individuals who color our lives.

Be on the lookout for celebrity appearances by Andy Dick (Old School, NewsRadio), Doug Jones (Hellboy, Pan’s Labyrinth), Josh “Ponceman” Perry (Retarded Policeman), and Hanna Hall (Forrest Gump, Halloween).

Readers are already praising this engaging book. Check out a few of the reviews from

“I can’t say enough how amazing this book is. Eric Curtis has done it again—and better than ever. . .” ~Tyler Durden

“This book is so dope. The images are interesting and the writing is hilarious.” ~cholo

“It was a very well put together book that left me in stitches. Extravagant photography, great people, and brilliant writing.” ~Ice-man

Be sure to get your copies today of The Frenzy War and Fallen Superheroes, available in print and e-book.

This month Medallion will bring home the gold and bronze! Two more of our fantastic titles have garnered critical acclaim, both in the Independent Publisher Book (IPPY) Awards. Floating Staircase by Ronald Malfi won the gold medal in the horror category, and Mime Very Own Book won the bronze in the humor category. Congratulations to all!

Be sure to come back next month as we have three new releases you will definitely want to add to your shelves.

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Vice President

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