The Soul Archives continue . . .

Award-winning author Simon West-Bulford takes readers deeper into the world of Salem Ben in the second book in the Soul Archives, The Soul Continuum.

At the end of the universe, death is only the beginning . . .

SoulContiuum_640x920There is an open wound in the heart of the cosmos. A wound that tears at the flesh of reality, drawing powerful and malign aberrations from an unknowable realm. Salem Ben stopped the first, but more are coming, and now he must solve the riddle of their purpose to prevent an all-out invasion. To find the solution, Salem must live the digitally reproduced lives of three individuals: Diabolis Evomere, a tortured but enlightened prisoner in ancient Babylon; Clifford Arken-Bright, a twentieth-century physicist who has uncovered a terrible secret in the quantum world; and Silicant 5, a refugee of the Great AI seeking to understand its hatred of humanity.


“Skillfully written, with a nod to Robert Heinlein, and Phillip K. Dick thrown in for good measure, The Soul Continuum is a solid, thought-provoking, science fiction novel. The book does what science fiction does best: explores the human condition. The questions of immortality, science we don’t fully comprehend, the dangers and restructuring after war, the colonization of other worlds—all of these questions are invoked in the reader’s mind and thought-provokingly placed . . . For lovers of thought-provoking, intellectually stimulating novels . . . The Soul Continuum won’t disappoint you. I can also see fans of the Matrix movie trilogy, or movies based off of Phillip K. Dick, such as Scanners, Total Recall, and Blade Runner, enjoying it immensely. It’s a powerful and mindful read that everyone should give a try.”

Open Book Society

“West-Bulford continues his mind-bending metaphysical space opera series with a massively complex story that spans billions of years. . . . West-Bulford peppers his expansive chronicle with vivid descriptions of cosmic creations, philosophical musings on eternal life, and an exploration of man’s hunger for enlightenment.”

Publishers Weekly

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On hand Friday will be the author of the Fabrick Weavers series, Andrew Post. Saturday we spotlight WWE Hall of Famers Booker T. Huffman and Joe “Animal” Laurinaitis. Sunday, award-winning author Gregory Lamberson will be signing copies of his Jake Helman series.


We hope to see you there!


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