Scary Sentences

There’s a reason a manuscript has to be read and revised several times before it’s published. Our editors get to read submissions at all levels of preparedness, and some sentences are downright horrifying. Want examples? We’ve got examples!

  • He ran a thumb and forefinger up his nose.
  • Never had her nineteen-year-old gullet succumbed to such horror.
  • He put his jaw into his neck and looked to be puckering up for a kiss.
  • Everything went black, there was a stinking sensation stretched through her body.
  • Her stupendous fairytale had dilapidated to a gut-wrenching nightmare.
  • She stirred herself.
  • She set the wrapped caramel apples in her bowels.
  • Her heart raced in a frantic attempt to pump blood into the necessary areas of her body.
  • I pooped the pills in my mouth, washing them down with some coffee.
  • Her head popped outside the hotel room door.
  • A rouge wind whipped through the branches encircling the garden in a violent vortex of leaves and debris which swirled menacingly through the yard as it gained speed.
  • The room fell silent and all eyes were torn from their place to stare in fright at the sound of their master’s voice.
  • The thought made me shutter.
  • He couldn’t manage to put baloney and mustard on the same two pieces of beard.
  • Her eyes glowed like golf balls.
  • His knees buckled and he crumbled to the floor like a crackers on a thick tomato soup.

We hope you’ve enjoyed these unintentionally scary sentences, and we wish you all the good kinds of spookiness this Halloween.

Read, revise, repeat, and together we can keep typos from coming back to haunt us!


—The Editors

About Rosburg Helen A

Helen A Rich is owner, president, and executive editor of Medallion Press, Inc., a nonfiction and genre fiction publishing company based in Aurora, IL. Helen is also an award-winning author, who has previously written as Helen A Rosburg, and a sponsor of Triple Threat Mentoring, a not-for-profit organization devoted to helping under-resourced urban youth gain confidence and life skills. She lives on a slightly dusty farm in Florida with a zoo’s worth of rescued or retired critters, including horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs, and chickens. When not running Medallion Press, writing, or showing horses and dogs, Helen enjoys traveling to exotic locations across the world.


Awards and Nominations

By Honor Bound

2005 Affair de Coeur Reader Writer Poll Nominee for Best Overall Historical

Call Of The Trumpet

Honorable Mention for Genre-Based Fiction for the 2007 London Book Festival

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