Poker Champ Jerry Yang’s book, All In, receives starred review from BookList!

Poker Champ Jerry Yang’s book, All In, receives starred review from BookList!

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  1. David says:

    I was very fortunate to meet Jerry in April 2012 through a personal friend of mine. The circumstances of the meeting had to deal with a Firefighters Poker Charity Tournament that Jerry was asked to attend.

    Our meeting consisted of picking Jerry up at his Hotel prior to the tournament, having breakfast and talking about life in general. It was a delight to have this time to get to know him as a real person not just as a celebrity.

    I can say he is personable individual with exceptional qualities and real gentlemen, sometimes lost in today social enviroment. Once we had breakfast we sat for awhile so Jerry could relax from his initial trip from California to Florida, even though he slept the night before, but not very well.

    Once we got to the Tournament as you imagine all broke loose as Jerry walked in and now the Celebrity status kicks in, as everyone wanted to hug and greet and take a picture with Jerry. Oh! yes, Jerry wasn’t getting paid to be their, it was his way of giving back to a worthy cause, Jerrys expenses to come and play was his own and he gratefully accepted the opportunity.

    By the way, the only thing Jerry set up at the tournament was the sale of his new hardcover book called (All In) which he signed personally to each individual who purchased and took a picture with them. You can be sure the monies earned from this sale didn’t go into Jerrys pocket, but to the vast charities Jerry has sponsered through these years.

    The book (All In) is a masterpiece of his life, well written and sectioned to help the reader better understand just what Jerry (Xao) and his entire family have dealt with, from his childhood to the present. I do not want to divulge any of Jerrys book I’ve read, you need to buy it and read it for yourself, then you’ll understand the life of an exceptional person.

    Jerrys life even though he doesn’t believe it was predestined, does have a similiar truth to (dlaim ntawv) in Hmong language, a ‘piece of paper’ which all the events of your life have been written out. I cannot agree wholeheartedly in Jerrys belief, all I can say is that something or someone or a combination of both wrote on the wall of life. Jerrys destiny, pointing him in the direction he has taken all these years and guiding him to forfill the real person he has become. With the eloquence of a man determined to not settle for what life gives, but to make every moment count in whatever destiny has to offer.

    Jerry has made an impact on life, and will continue throughout his career, and with the special family he has. Fireflies, frogs, marbles, and rubber bands will forever be planted as a seed to grow in the world of Tom Sawyer. My best to you my friend, and thank you for your friendship.