Pick up the Pace

Are you having a hard time identifying why your book lags in certain spots or feels a little slow moving throughout? If so, here are a few areas to consider tightening up.

Dialogue can be a major culprit. If you’re not sure where to start trimming, ask yourself the following questions: Is the dialogue repetitive? Does it overexplain? Is it too wordy? Does it move the story forward? Is it dull?

If your book contains too many lengthy descriptions of characters, objects, or places, readers might skip paragraphs or even entire pages. So cut back, keeping the most relevant passages.

Avoid redundancies. Give readers new thoughts, explanations, and descriptions instead of repeating the same ones.

Using too many long sections of narrative might slow down your story. Try breaking them up with dialogue or an action scene.

Good luck!

—The Editors

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