October’s new chilling release. . .

Is that a chill in the air? The ghouls of the night?

Or could it be the supernatural forces that seem to follow Jake Helman?

The hardest-working man in horror, Gregory Lamberson, is back, and this time he has created an enemy that will challenge Jake Helman and put the lives of an entire city in his hands.

StormDemon_front_webJake Helman returns to New York City, anxious to start a new life with NYPD homicide detective Maria Vasquez. But the supernatural forces making his life hell have no intention of leaving him alone.

When psychic healer Laurel Doniger disappears, Jake lays everything on the line to bring her back alive. With time running out, he must uncover the truth behind Laurel’s secret past. He’s drawn into a conflict with a being who has existed since the dawn of mankind. She’ll destroy New York City to take revenge on those who interfere with her plans. This beautiful creature is known by many names—Lilith, succubus, witch—but Jake and his allies will come to know her as the Storm Demon. And the world will never be the same.

Hey, hey! Check out this awesome feedback about the author:

“Lamberson is an excellent writer with an outrageous imagination that ensures the incorporation of gnarly, near inconceivable villains and an endless supply of action. The man pens fiction in a manner that suggests he’s simply relaying what he sees in his mind, and that internal vision is packed full of breakneck chases, wonderfully over-the-top duels, and some creatures that cry for a celluloid transfer.” ~Matt Molgaard, Horror Novel Reviews

Are you ready for the future of reading? Are you eager to dive into a story that actually grows and lives based on you?

Then be sure to check out Greg’s next release, The Julian Year, where every day twenty million people around the world are becoming homicidal maniacs.

TheJulianYearThe Julian Year is the first title written for Medallion Media Group’s groundbreaking e-book format, the TREEbook™. Lamberson’s cinematic approach to storytelling and large-scale character orchestration are the perfect complement to the dynamic capabilities of TREEbook™ technology.

The TREEbook™ is a Timed Reading Experience Ebook, which seamlessly integrates time triggers with multiple story branches, allowing stories to organically shift and grow. Using this technology, Lamberson plants the seed for The Julian Year, a global crisis that unfolds over time.

In The Julian Year one of the main characters, Julian Weizak, an obituary writer in New York, celebrates his birthday alone in a bar on New Year’s Eve. At the stroke of midnight, scores of homicides break out on the East Coast:

  • A young woman murders her boyfriend moments after accepting his marriage proposal.
  • A man hides from his eight-year-old daughter after she murders his wife.
  • A radio host murders his cohost while on the air.

In all, twenty thousand murders are committed that night in New York alone, with the epidemic spreading across the country and the world, time zone by time zone. Julian makes a startling discovery: the crisis day was every single murderer’s birthday. At midnight each day thereafter, nearly twenty million people around the world become homicidal maniacs, contributing to the biggest killing spree in history. It looks as if the chaos can lead to only one end: the extinction of humankind.

The Julian Year’s plot leads to a nearly endless variety of situational outcomes and alternate story lines, allowing the reader to experience one of many possible consequences of each pivotal action and choice of characters in the story. The book can change every time you read it, and nearly every reader’s experience can be unique.

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For more information on TREEbook™, visit: TheTREEbook.com


Happy Halloween

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