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Get ready, horror fans. This month, Medallion Press unleashes monsters, ghosts, and the undead to run amok with three new titles sure to chill you to the bone. Award-winning author Ronald Malfi uncovers the violent and tragic past of a house on a lake in his new novel, Floating Staircase. Filmmaker and award-winning author Gregory Lamberson brings back Jake Helman in his biggest case yet in Cosmic Forces,book three of The Jake Helman Files. Michael McCarty and Bram Stoker Award winner Mark McLaughlin present their Bram Stoker–nominated novel about the revenge of the undead, Monster Behind the Wheel.

It looked like a great house. They were wrong . . .

To Travis and Jodie Glasgow, the house in the idyllic small town seems perfect, the surrounding woods and lake like a postcard. But soon after they move in, things begin to change. Strange noises wake Travis at night. His dreams are plagued by ghosts. Barely glimpsed shapes flit through the darkened hallways—shapes bearing a frightening resemblance to a little boy. Footprints appear. Strangest of all are the wooden stairs rising cryptically from the lake.

The more Travis investigates, the more he uncovers the house’s violent and tragic past . . . and the more he learns that some secrets can’t be buried forever.

Gotta read it! Don’t take my word for it—take theirs:

Floating Staircase is an outstanding achievement in the supernatural horror genre.”
– Jordan Norton, The Crow’s Caw

“For those who haven’t read Ronald Malfi before, Floating Staircase is a good place to begin. He has created a must-read novel that just might garner some Stoker attention.”
– Dave Simms, Horror World

“Malfi’s lyrical prose and sensitive approach only heighten his tale’s emotional impact, and the final turn of events is both surprising and expertly set up.”
– Publishers Weekly

“An immensely talented writer.”
– Jeff Burk, Literary Strange Digest

“Malfi’s use of language and his power of description are sublime.”
– Norman L. Rubenstein, Fear Zone

“A remarkably versatile writer.”
– Brian Keene, author of The Rising and A Gathering of Crows

Jake Helman is back, this time to fight the greatest evil the world has ever known.

When the wife of New York City mayor Myron Madigan hires private investigator Jake Helman to spy on her husband, the trail leads him to Karlin Reichard. The wealthy industrialist and kingmaker leads a cabal that has secretly manipulated world affairs for generations. In order to bring these powerful men down, Jake must join them. But at what cost to his own soul?

Battling human assassins and supernatural creatures, Jake pursues a quest to uncover the mystery behind the Order of Avademe and a monster willing to destroy heaven and hell to rule the earth.

Whoa! And look what readers are already saying aboutCosmic Forces:

“Two-time Bram Stoker nominee Lamberson has created a hard-boiled hero, gifted with a big heart and sent on intriguingly horrific adventures, who is reminiscent of Jim Butcher’s Harry Dresden and Glen Cook’s Garret, P.I.”
– Library Journal

“Lamberson knows exactly what he’s doing and creates a different, more emotionally charged, and thematically huge story with every subsequent release.”
– Colum McKnight, Dreadful Tales

“The Jake Helman Files continue to be a magnificent addition to the ranks of occult detectives, with Jake Helman’s glass eye deserving a place of honor next to Carl Kolchak’s seersucker suit and Teddy London’s .45 (Betty) and knife (Veronica). I’d call this series a must read for any horror or hard-boiled detective fan, because Greg Lamberson delivers the goods and does so in spades.”
– Bill Adcock, Bloodsprayer.com

Cosmic Forces’ 380 pages fly by like lightning, and fans of the series will be mucho satisfied.”
– Nick Cato

Welcome to hell. Your mileage may vary!

As a child, Jeremy Carmichael fell from a Ferris wheel at a carnival. When he landed on a beautiful young woman, his fall was broken. Unfortunately, so was the woman’s spine.

Years later, while delivering pizzas, Jeremy is injured in a car accident . . . that opens the gates between the worlds of the living and the dead, awakening the spirit of cruel Frank Edmondson. Frank, the policeman who arrived at the scene of that carnival accident long ago, was that woman’s lover. Now, ready for revenge, Frank devises a cunning plan.

Soon Jeremy finds himself visiting the realm of the dead in dreams and visions. Is this Frank’s doing, or is there another explanation?

Using a sleek muscle car called Monster, Frank gains control over Jeremy’s life. But what Frank doesn’t know is that he’s tampering with the fate of the entire universe . . . because Jeremy isn’t your average pizza delivery boy, and all hell is about to break loose—literally.

Monster Behind the Wheel is an e-book exclusive!

People are already talking about this high-octane horror:

“A lyrical powerhouse of a story. Vivid as road burn. Sexy as a hot rod.”
– Simon Clark, Bram Stoker Award–nominated author of Nailed by the Heart

“. . . bizarre, amusing, unsettling, and just outright weird. . . .”
– Don D’Ammassa, Horror Reviews

“The authors go from zero to insane in the space of a few mere words, leading the reader on a master hell ride . . . a kind of Fellini-esque horror story, giving the reader a world in which one does not know whether to laugh or cry. . . .”
– Cristopher DeRose, Cemetery Dance Magazine

“Watch your rearview mirror, because a hurricane of street thrills . . . graphic horror, and big laughs is roaring up your tailpipe!”
– Judy Comeau, Creature Feature Tombkeeper

Next month, come back as we discover how to experience better lives by learning from our pets. With an endorsement from the late, great Randy “Macho Man” Savage, Wendy Kelly’s Buji and Me: 7 Lessons from the Dog Who Rescued Me is a book no pet lover should miss. We will also be rereleasing Beth Ciotta’s Jinxed,Charmed, and Seduced with a whole new look!

Until next time . . .


Heather Musick
Vice President
Medallion Press, Inc.

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