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Get ready. The holidays are almost here!

November marks the beginning of a whirlwind of gatherings, food, and gift giving! In the midst of all that, take some time for yourself and curl up with a book or your e-reader and enjoy some great titles from Medallion Press. And if you’re looking for that perfect present for a dear loved one, our books make great gifts too!

This month, we have a life-changing title that teaches us to listen to our pets, and three titles come back to visit us.

Do you ever look at your pet and say, “What a life”? I mean, heck, I would trade places with my dog in a second! No work and all play, right? But think about this: if we took cues from our pets, how much better could our lives be? We could love unconditionally no matter our past—or the past of others. We could be happy in every single moment and stop worrying and looking at what still needs to be done. These are topics psychological therapist and animal behaviorist Wendy Kelly covers in her new book, Buji and Me: 7 Lessons from the Dog Who Rescued Me.

When I decided to rescue Buji, little did I know he would teach me some of life’s most valuable lessons. The bull terrier had something very important to tell me—and to get my attention, all he had to do was save my life.

Head held high, I walked out of the shelter with the dog others had deemed hopeless. Minutes later, I was banished from my own car by bared teeth and bristled fur, caught in the rain and dripping wet, foiled by the very creature whose cause I had just championed.

Never in my life had I asked so many times, “What was I thinking?”
When I rescued Buji, little did I know he would teach me some of life’s most valuable lessons—and all he had to do to get my attention was save my life.

In Buji and Me, psychological therapist and animal behaviorist Wendy Kelly shares the principles of a dynamic, life-changing force that occurs when we allow our pets to become our teachers. If we are open and aware, they will guide us to being, well, better beings—present, honest, aware, focused, joyful, kind, and loving. Unleash the seven secrets of living the “pawsitive” life . . . starting today.

Wendy has had the privilege of working with some wonderful people you may know! She has trained the dogs of celebrities like Dean Young, artist of the Blondiecartoons, and the late, great “Macho Man” Randy Savage. Randy had this to say about the book: “Buji and Me is amazing! Truly amazing. . . . This book will change people’s lives.”

Pick up a copy of Buji and Me today! Look for the e-book versions (Kindle, Nook, iBook, etc.) coming November 15!

Our next releases are a blast from the past but with a new look! That’s right—Beth Ciotta’s titles JinxedCharmed, and Seduced are back in e-book format with all new covers!

Releasing on November 15, the updated Friends and Lovers series will be available for download in all e-formats. Want a sneak peek? You can purchase Jinxed andSeduced today! Then look for Charmed on November 15.

Suspense and sexy fun await in Beth Ciotta’s Friends and Lovers series. In Jinxed, beautiful socialite Afia St. John has been plagued with bad luck since her birth on Friday the thirteenth. After losing her father and two older husbands in freak accidents, she discovers her business manager has absconded with her fortune. Afia refuses her godfather’s help and jumps at an unexpected job opportunity with Leeds Investigations. Jake Leeds can’t turn down the hefty secret retainer Afia’s godfather offers him to hire her. Quickly seeing beyond her wacky superstitions and sensationalized personal history, Jake realizes Afia is as generous as she is misunderstood. Will the sexy PI be the good luck charm that puts her on a winning streak? In Charmed, the princess is in danger. Lulu Ross champions nonviolence. Just her luck, she’s tiara-over-glass-slippers for a man who carries a gun: Colin Murphy. Too bad the sexy professional bodyguard is delusional. Who would want to hurt Princess Charming, a low-profile, goody-two-shoes who performs as a storybook character at children’s birthday parties? Surely the sexy gifts from a secret admirer are meant for her bombshell sister. Or are they? In Seduced, Sofia Marino is a kick-ass heroine. Her role on the cheesy TV sitcom Spy Girl has garnered her a male cult following, fan sites, and a hefty bank account, but faster than a director yells, “Action,” her life goes from Hollywood to Hollyweird. She wakes up in Arizona, disoriented and caked with blood. The last thing Joe Bogart, a burned-out FBI agent on his last undercover case, wants is more intrigue. The last thing he needs is Sofia Marino. Now he’s smack dab in the middle of a murder mystery and in danger of losing his heart. Sofie and Joe embark on a mission to save not only themselves but also their friends and family.

For a limited time, get the e-book version of the newly released Jinxed for FREE on all e-reading devices! It’s available for free download December 1-15. After that, you can get Jinxed for the low price of $4.99.

Lastly, enjoy the entire collection all in one! In December 2011, all three titles will be bundled into the Friends and Lovers Collection in e-book format for only $11.99! That’s more than a 25 percent savings!

Be sure to come back next month as we introduce the first book in our YA-YA line,The White Fox by James Bartholomeusz!

We have even more excitement than just our new releases to share! Last month our wonderful editorial manager, Lorie Popp, got married in an intimate setting to Scott Jones. Congratulations, Lorie and Scott!

Wishing everyone a warm and wonderful Thanksgiving!

Heather Musick
Vice President
Medallion Press

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