Medallion Mondays

By Medallion Movies

Presented by Medallion Movies, a division of Medallion Media Group, the Medallion Mondays webisodes feature the Medallion Press staff as themselves and actor Josh “Ponceman” Perry as a new addition to the crew. Comprised of twenty episodes shot entirely on location in the Medallion Press office and with the expertise of Scott Allen Perry, Jonathan Wenstrup and Eric Curtis, Medallion Mondays offers a glimpse of the culture of Medallion Press while hilariously spinning off on the average workday. Special guest stars include such Medallion Press authors as legendary professional wrestler Joe “Animal” Laurinaitis (The Road Warriors: Danger, Death, and the Rush of Wrestling, March 2011, with Andrew William Wright), motivational expert Staci Boyer (Motiv8n’’ U, Dec. 2010, with Melissa Killian), the world’s preeminent mixed martial arts referee “Big” John McCarthy (Let’s Get It On, Sept. 2011, with Loretta Hunt), and Pan’s Labyrinth star Doug Jones (Mime Very Own Book, Dec. 2011, with Scott Allen Perry, Adam C. Mock, and photographer Eric Curtis).

The premier episode, “COISPORC,” introduces “Ponceman” as the new Chief Operating Intern/Senior President of Operations/Really Cool appointed by Medallion Media Group CEO Helen A Rich. Surprised by this appointment, Medallion Media Group President Adam Mock is none too thrilled, while the staff wonder if this new arrangement is just what the office has been missing.

Medallion Mondays comedic shorts can be viewed on YouTube.

Medallion Mondays comedic shorts can be viewed on YouTube.