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It’s April, and this month our newest release is the perfect companion for any crime, thriller, or mystery writer or anyone else who just wants the answers to some curiously morbid questions! In More Forensics and Fiction, a follow-up to Forensics and Fiction (St. Martin’s, 2007), author D. P. Lyle MD, consultant to the writers on such hit television shows as Law & Order, CSI: Miami, and House M.D., brings you a collection of questions from crime writers around the world.

Find answers to questions like these:

How do hallucinogenic drugs affect a blind person?

Will snake venom injected into fruit cause death?

How would you perform CPR in a helicopter?

What happens when someone swallows razor blades?

How long does it take blood to dry?

Can DNA be obtained from a half-eaten bagel?

D. P. Lyle MD is the Macavity Award–winning and Edgar® Award–nominated author of many nonfiction books along with the fictional Dub Walker series, which includes Medallion titles Stress Fracture and Hot Lights, Cold Steel. Lyle also teaches online forensic science classes in the master of arts in criminal justice program at DeSales University. In January of 2011, he opened and served as ribbon cutter for the exhibit CSI: The Experience at the U.S. Space & Rocket Center, the welcome center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama.

Reviews for More Forensics and Fiction are pouring in! Scroll through the long list below:

“You don’t have to be a mystery writer to love this wonderful book. More Forensics and Fiction is so much more than forensics and fiction. You certainly won’t mistake it for yet another musty dusty reference book on homicide. Lyle’s funny, fascinating, bewildering, and bizarre book of medical mayhem for literary murderers is as entertaining to read as just about any mystery novel out there, and it also doubles as a 422-page surefire cure for even the most debilitating case of writer’s block. There is so much about this book you can learn from, and I’m not just talking about the medical questions and answers. The book also works on another valuable level: as a revealing, instructive, and compelling peek into the minds of scores of writers and how they think about story, character, and conflict and how they integrate research into their work. This is a must-have for readers and writers of mysteries as well as students interested in the craft of writing. Dr. Lyle’s More Forensics and Fiction is the perfect prescription for a few hours of dark and delightful distraction from whatever ails you.”~ Lee Goldberg, Edgar® Award–nominated author of the Monk mysteries and writer/executive producer of Diagnosis Murder

“The must-have reference book for crime writers or anyone interested in forensics. Not only indispensable but fascinating, creepy, gruesome, and absorbing. Dr. D. P. Lyle has written another treasure.”~ M.J. Rose, international best-selling author

 “What a fun book! Reading More Forensics and Fiction will open your mind to all kinds of new story possibilities. The authors ask all kinds of odd, intriguing questions, and Lyle answers them in an entertaining, easily accessible way. More Forensics and Fiction is a celebration of the creative spirit.”~ Matt Witten, writer, supervising producer of The Glades, Medium, Women’s Murder Club, House M.D.

“Nobody makes forensics fun like D. P. Lyle. His books help me write my books. Whether you’re a reader or a writer, More Forensics and Fiction is addictive entertainment.”~ Julie Kramer, author of the Riley Spratz Mystery series

“Yet another absolutely fascinating exploration of the depths crime fiction authors plumb but could not do so without the brilliant medical and forensic expertise of D. P. Lyle MD. Where else could you find answers to queries like ‘Was arsenic traceable in 1950s England?’ or ‘Could DNA from spontaneously combusted vampires reveal their age?’ All are graciously responded to with sound medical theory and an eye to the dramatic possibilities, which every author requires. Doug is always my go-to guy for medical or forensic expertise, and More Forensics and Fiction is another superb addition to his stable. A must for every crime fiction writer’s bookshelf.”~ Zoë Sharp, author of the Charlie Fox crime thriller series

 “. . . a must-have for any crime writer struggling to come up with an original and exciting way to commit murder. Once again, Lyle has plucked out some of his best (and sometimes bizarre) questions and compiled them in a book that makes for great reading, whether you’re a writer or just a forensics buff. What’s best is that it’s all real and thus far more fascinating than anything they cook up on TV.”~ P. J. Parrish, author of the New York Times best-selling Louis Kincaid series

“What’s more fun than reading a novel by one of your favorite mystery writers? Finding out how their minds work. Between curiously morbid questions (as they come up with intriguing ways to kill off characters and allow investigators to solve crimes) and the always interesting answers by D. P. Lyle M.D., you have one fascinating book. I was intrigued from the first page to the last.”~ Robin Burcell, award-winning author of The Bone Chamber

“Nothing ruins a good read like inaccuracies, especially of the CSI type. More Forensics and Fiction along with the rest of Lyle’s medical and forensic Q&A series should be required reading for all crime writers. They are factually detailed, wonderfully gruesome, and spot-on accurate! Read this book if you want to get away with murder . . . on the page.”~ Twist Phelan, Thriller Award–winning author 

 “More Forensics and Fiction is a gold mine. A must-own reference book for writers of all stripes.”~ Grant Blackwood, New York Times best-selling author,

“D. P. Lyle is the best resource I know for a crime or mystery author.  He’s authoritative, clear, and extremely generous with his time. More Forensics and Fiction makes for fascinating—and terrifically morbid—reading.”~ C.J. Box, New York Times best-selling author of Force of Nature 

 “D. P. Lyle again creates a must-have guide for the crime writer and for the curious mystery fan.”~ Simon Wood, author of Did Not Finish

 “More Forensics and Fiction proves that there are no stupid questions, just writers lying awake at night deciding how to kill someone. If you’re a writer navigating the scientific waters of murder and mayhem, get Lyle’s latest if you want to get it right.”~ Joel Goldman

 “More Forensics and Fiction is a perfect blend of art and science and is as fascinating for the casual reader as it is indispensable for the crime writer. D. P. Lyle’s encyclopedic medical knowledge and his knack for making it entertaining make for addictive reading. Nobody does it better.”~ Harley Jane Kozak, Agatha, Anthony, and Macavity Award–winning author

 “Another delightful collection of diabolical insight, not only into the physical consequences of various kinds of bodily assault but also into the macabre minds of crime writers and the writing process. It is impressive how Dr. Lyle can answer these questions with a straight face—and without contacting the police.”~ Laurie R. King

 “In these volumes, Dr. Lyle answers questions—forensic questions, yes, but more interestingly questions from fiction writers and authors who need to add verisimilitude to their stories and who can’t afford to create scenarios unless they are right. Consequently, this makes for a lot of screwy and somewhat ‘out there’ criminal plotting and also reflects on the type of creative sketches and stretches of the imagination, and that makes this book . . . a research vehicle and an interesting read.”~ Diane Diamond, Women in Crime Ink (January 9, 2012)

 “More Forensics and Fiction is another must read for writers as well as all mystery lovers out there who like to think out of the box. The questions are curious, often bizarre, and always intriguing, and Dr. Lyle’s answers are clear, knowledgeable, and entertaining. Exhaustive, accurate, and highly informative, this book will take you into the mind of writers and teach you about rare genetic conditions like polydactylism, unexplainable gunshot wounds, and the most extravagant poisons you could ever think of.”~ EE Giorgi, science writer and postdoctoral fellow at the Los Alamos National Laboratory, author of the CHIMERAS thrillers

 “All of D. P. Lyle’s forensic books should be in the library of every aspiring as well as veteran author. I know Dr. Lyle’s newest forensic book is now this mystery writer’s favorite bedtime reading and will be until his next book comes out.”~ RP Dahlke, author of the Dead Red series, featuring Aero Ag Pilot, Lalla Bains, A Dangerous Harbor

 “If I were any sort of poet, I would compose a lavish sonnet about D. P. Lyle and his extraordinary talent at discovering answers to writers’ most challenging forensic questions. Every new forensics book from Dr. Lyle is not just a gold mine of information but wildly entertaining. Thank goodness the dark imaginations of crime writers never sleep. It means Dr. Lyle will have plenty of material for an endless number of terrific books.”~ Laura Benedict, author of Isabella Moon and Devil’s Oven

 “D. P. Lyle does it again with a reference book that is an entertaining and enlightening read as well as a useful resource to mystery and suspense authors. After reading More Forensics and Fiction, I immediately made fixes to two mystery manuscripts I was working on. Also, I found the insights into the mental processes of other crime fiction authors and screenwriters to be fascinating. More Forensics and Fiction is an important addition to my reference shelf.”~ Beth Groundwater, author of the Claire Hanover Gift Basket Designer series and the RM Outdoor Adventure series

 “The book and its predecessors are terrific reference books to have on hand if you’re planning out and/or in the midst of writing a mystery or thriller. Dr. Lyle also has a Writer’s Forensics Blog every writer should have bookmarked.”~ In Reference to Murder

 “If you need to know how to make something ‘forensically-fictionally correct,’ Lyle is definitely the one to go to. . . . This book is a very valuable resource, as are his other forensic books and Lyle himself. Eight stars.”~ Starr Gardinier Reina, Suspense Magazine

 “More Forensics and Fiction is a good tool for any writer of suspense thrillers and mysteries. It is like having a doctor at your beck and call, with reliable answers and information. If you are not a writer but a reader who reads crime novels or is curious about topics related to human life, sicknesses, injuries, and death, you will still enjoy the insight that D. P. Lyle brings in More Forensics and Fiction.”
~ Ethan Jones

More Forensics and Fiction is available in print and e-book. Get your copy today! You can find this title and all of Medallion’s wonderful releases at your local retailer, or you can purchase online from, iTunes,, and other various online retailers.

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