Mobile growth for Medallion

I’m thrilled to announce that Medallion Media Group has acquired Triple Threat Mobile Development and hired on former CEO and Owner Brian Buck as our Executive Director of Technology.

For the past two years, Medallion has worked closely with Brian on various projects, including our interactive iPad apps Passion’s Blood (now available in the Apple App Store) and Angelique (May 2012).

Brian has also been hard at work on a reading experience that raises the state of the art of e-books. Our hope is to unveil this technology later this year and offer readers a glimpse into a new format.

In 2013, Medallion will release its first book utilizing this format titled The Julian Year. Authored by Gregory Lamberson, The Julian Year will be an exhilarating launch into this stimulating e-format for readers to enjoy and for writers to explore. More news on The Julian Year will be delivered as we move closer to its release in 2013.

Since Apple’s App Store opened in 2008, consumers and developers have explored the mobile app playground. Medallion’s participation in this growing market is a big win not only for our consumers but also for our authors, musicians, and filmmakers, who can enjoy greater exposure, new formats, and the opportunity to synergize various media.

The addition of Brian Buck to the Medallion family allows us to discover greater innovation in the digital landscape. His skill set and passion will help the Medallion brand break ground in creative frontiers, and we’re thrilled to have him as part of the team.

– Adam C. Mock

President, Medallion Media Group

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