MMG Sidekick Launched!

MMG Sidekick is here! This week we launch our very own e-book reader with TREEbook™ technology.

Included in this 1.0 release is a complete bookstore with over 160 Medallion titles available for instant purchase. Fill your library with Medallion titles and e-books you already own using simple importing from many sources including the popular Dropbox service. In addition to having a great reading platform, you will always be kept in the know by electing to receive push notifications for Medallion special events, new book releases, signing events, and general Medallion news.

Available for iPad and optimized for iOS 6.0 or higher, MMG Sidekick offers users an easy way to navigate the user interface designed with eye-popping book covers optimized for iPad Retina displays.

Features included in 1.0

User Library

One centralized location for all your e-books. Book covers are prominently displayed. Read many e-books at once, and the reader will remember where you left off.

Medallion Bookstore

Search all Medallion titles from a genre-categorized bookstore. Discover new titles in a featured section, and enjoy free titles every month. Tap on a cover to display book details, including book descriptions and professional reviews. Purchasing is handled by Apple in-app purchasing, so no additional user account is necessary, only the Apple ID you use for iTunes purchases directly on your device. Once purchased and downloaded, the book is immediately available in your library.

Purchase Management

Get a glance at all your purchased content with the ability to open for reading. If you have multiple devices, you will be able to restore purchases so that your content lives across all your compatible devices.

Opt-In Push Notifications

Stay connected to Medallion by opting into news channels. Accepting push notifications to be informed of Medallion book releases, special book signings, other events, and general Medallion news is a great way to keep informed.

Book Import with Dropbox Synchronization

MMG Sidekick is EPUB 2.0 compliant and will support some features of the emerging EPUB 3 standard. Not only will you have quick access to over 160 Medallion titles, but you can also import your current DRM-free EPUBS by tapping on a link or opening them from e-mail attachments directly on your device. Additionally, MMG Sidekick has built-in support for Dropbox synchronization. Dropbox is a popular cloud-based file storage and sharing platform that we have integrated into MMG Sidekick. Turn the Dropbox feature on, and follow the instructions to begin importing DRM-free EPUB content. In your Dropbox root folder, place your EPUBs in “Apps/MMG Sidekick.” The next time you load your MMG Sidekick library, your Dropbox content will import.

MMG Sidekick 1.0 is available on iPad devices supporting iOS 6.0 or higher. Please check the Apple product page for more information. Sidekick has been tested on iPad 2 and iPad Mini as well as third- and fourth-generation iPad devices with Retina display.

MMG Sidekick is available on the Apple App Store. Download it here!


Please let us know what you think and how we can improve the app. We are currently working on several updates to enhanced features and overall user-experience improvements. Please visit our product support page and submit all issues and feedback by following instructions on this page.

I can be reached at brian (at) Shoot me a message and follow me on Twitter: @TripleThreatMob.

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