MMG Sidekick and an explosive science fiction thrill ride!

Here we are, another month into 2013, and for Medallion the celebration of our ten-year anniversary is in full swing!

SidekickApp_100March not only holds a fantastic new sci-fi release and two awesome giveaways, but it also marks another milestone in our drive for innovation. This month we are releasing our free MMG Sidekick app, available exclusively for the iPad. This app will give readers one stop for everything Medallion. With a built-in e-reader and storefront, MMG Sidekick lets you enjoy your favorite Medallion titles with ease. To keep things all together, you can sync the app with Dropbox or upload any of your current DRM-free titles into your library as well. MMG Sidekick users will also have access to exclusive free e-books and content! The app can keep you on top of Medallion news with opt-in push notifications so you can stay in the know about your favorite authors, new release, and the crazy antics of the Medallion team. MMG Sidekick is the only app to feature TREEbook technology! This will be the only way you can experience this revolutionary new reading format. Look for more information on the first TREEbook, The Julian Year by Gregory Lamberson, coming later in 2013.


Click here to download the MMG Sidekick app.

This month our new release brings you an action-packed sci-fi release, Knuckleduster, from debut author Andrew Post.

KnuckledusterForty years in the future, Brody “Knuckleduster” Calhoun spends his life in a cycle of violence and probation. To strangers, he looks like a junkie with orange-stained eyes. To the police, he’s a well-known criminal who’s racked up eleven harassment charges and seventeen cases of aggravated assault, all with a deadly weapon: his brass knuckles.

Brody is a vigilante for hire who tracks down women’s abusive husbands to repay pain with pain. He wants to help the women and doesn’t like accepting their money, but he has no choice. Injured in the military and sent home, Brody needs expensive batteries to power his carotene lenses. Without them, he is completely blind.

When Thorp Ashbury, an old friend from the service, invites him to rural Illinois, Brody seizes the opportunity to escape the city and violence. Instead, he uncovers a conspiracy that could shake the foundation of everything he stands for.

This isn’t your ordinary sci-fi book; this is an explosive thrill ride! See what reviewers are saying:

“The novelty of a blind protagonist who ‘sees’ through artificially induced eyesight lifts this debut sf action-adventure a cut above most of its subgenre. With a ‘tough-guy’ hero and the personal code of male honor common to Westerns, it should appeal to fans of action/adventure and military sf.”
Library Journal


“Action packed and tense, Knuckleduster delivers on so many levels. . . . The reader is kept guessing right up until the explosive climax. A first-class novel.”
—Simon West-Bulford, author of The Soul Consortium 

“There’s plenty of room here for a sequel, or several, and that’s a perfectly good thing.”
—David Pitt, Booklist

Look for Andrew’s next book, Fabrick, a YA fantasy coming this November!


We want to include you, our loyal readers, in our anniversary celebration! This month we are giving away two awesome prizes: a $100 iTunes gift card and every title in our YA collection! To enter, visit us on Facebook and click the March Madness box at the top, or go directly to the link on our site. Entrants for our monthly giveaways will automatically be entered into our end-of-the-year drawing to win an iPad.

Come back next month as the zombies get revenge in a new release by author Rusty Fischer!

Until then . . .


Heather Musick
Senior Vice President
Medallion Press, Inc.

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