Mimes and Vampires; February New Releases!

A new month means new books!

This February we have two awesome releases you are bound to fall in love with.

From the creative team of actor, independent filmmaker, and writer Scott Allen Perry and our very own President Adam Mock comes a book that will leave you speechless!

Take a journey through the “mime’s eye” for a silent but humorous look at pop culture and our world in the unspoken words of a mime.

Mime Very Own Book will leave you speechless as mime Doug Jones, photographer Eric Curtis, and authors Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock offer a hilarious visual smorgasbord of some of life’s most awkward moments. It’s an eclectic mix of pop culture, social commentary, and parodied fairy tale favorites.

Like the hit TV show Seinfeld, Mime Very Own Book is a poignant observation of humanity that still manages to be about nothing. The creators are convinced you’ll love this book as much as you hate mimes.

Words can’t describe the feeling you’ll have after experiencing Mime Very Own Book.

Comical and engaging images by photographer Eric Curtis, who has captured such Hollywood notables as David Lynch, Danny Glover, rocker Tommy Lee, the bands My Chemical Romance and Linkin Park, and rapper Method Man, showcase actor Doug Jones reviving his roots as a mime in scenes like Mimey Vice, The Miming, and Evolution of Mime.

Show some mime love and download your free desktop wallpaper here!

Turns out, this book isn’t leaving everyone speechless. Take a look at what people are saying:

“I found myself literally laughing at loud as I turned the pages and was left wanting to share the images instantly with others. . . . Looking for a fun time? Be sure to check out this book.” —Mike Gencarelli, www.MediaMikes.com (January 2012)

“I received my copy of Mime Very Own Book yesterday, and I am blown away by the quality, detail, and creativity stealthily displayed within each and every one of the 240+ pages—not that I’d expect anything less from Scott Allen Perry and Medallion Press. Add in the talented miming of Doug Jones, the keen eye of photographer Eric Curtis, the overall vision of Adam Mock, and a few humorous appearances by Scott’s brother, Ponce, and the end result is the mime book to end all mime books. . . . So what are you waiting for? BUY THIS BOOK.” —Phil Brody, author of The Holden Age of Hollywood

Will you be in the Burbank, California, area on February 11? If so, stop by Dark Delicacies at 2:00 p.m. and say hi to the Mime Mob as they sign copies of the book.

Want more from photographer Eric Curtis and the team of Scott Allen Perry and Adam Mock? Then check out Fallen Superheroes, coming June 2012!

From mimes, we move to vampires! That’s right, and high school vampires at that! Author Rusty Fischer mixes up some Young Adult fun in his newest release, Vamplayers.

Want to be one of the first to read Vamplayers—and for FREE? Yep, you can download a FREE e-book copy of Rusty’s newest title on February 15. Mark your calendars so you don’t forget!

At the Afterlife Academy of Exceptionally Dark Arts, the vampires in training follow one of two tracks: they become either Sisters or Saviors. Of course, everyone wants to be a Savior, swooping into infested high schools in matching red leather jumpsuits and wielding crossbows, putting down swarming vampires with deadly efficiency.

But Lily Fielding is just a Sister—a Third Sister at that, a measly trainee. When Lily and her two Sisters, Alice and Cara, are called out to their latest assignment, she figures it’s just another run-of-the-mill gig: spot the Vamplayer (part vampire, part player), identify the predictably hot, trampy girl he’s set his eyes on, and befriend her before the Vamplayer can turn her to do his bidding.

Finding the sleek and sexy Vamplayer, Tristan, and his equally beautiful and popular target, Bianca, is easy. And when Lily meets the adorably geeky Zander, she too falls under a lover’s spell. But this assignment turns out to be trickier than most when the Third Sister must battle the baddest vampire of all.

Look! The buzz is starting about this wonderful new release:

“This book will definitely appeal to fans of horror-comedy, and it boasts a cast of crazy and fun characters that will make you eager to turn each page and find out what will happen next. A great new story from Rusty Fischer, whether you are new to his writing or already a fan.” —Nicki J Markus, Nickijmarkus.com

The sequel to Rusty Fischer’s Zombies Don’t Cry is coming April 2013! Watch for more information on Zombies Don’t Forgive coming soon.

Check back next month for information on a thrilling new release from newcomer D. J. Niko, The Tenth Saint.

“Like The Da Vinci Code, The Tenth Saint takes you to a place you have never been, creating an adventure you will not soon forget.” —Laurence Leamer, New York Times best-selling author of The Kennedy Women and The Kennedy Men

Until next time . . .


Heather Musick

Vice President
Medallion Press

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  1. Andrew Post says:

    I can’t wait to check out Mime Very Own Book. I thought all of the pictures previewed so far were hilarious as well as masterfully composed. (Plus I’m a Doug Jones superfan.)