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Aurora, Illinois—January 26, 2015—Medallion Press, Inc., DBA Medallion Media Group, an innovative multimedia indie entertainment company, today announced that as part of broadening its focus to “Creativity. Culture. And Beyond”, Paul Ohlson will become the Director of Business Development, and Brigitte Shepard will replace Paul Ohlsons previous position as Director of Sales and Marketing. Shepard, who has worked at Medallion since 2010, previously served as Marketing Manager. Ohlsons new role with Medallion will be to define, develop, negotiate, and close new business relationships. Paul Ohlson says, “This transition is exciting for us and represents a great opportunity for not only our brand, but for all of the very talented artists with which we’ve partnered.”

Medallion Media Group COO Adam Mock states, “We’re thrilled about the future of Medallion as we dive deeper into 2015. With our focus now on creativity, culture, and beyond, we’re not only able to strengthen our brand, but we’ll be able to engage our readers on a much greater level. These internal shifts are just the beginning. Look for some big announcements from Medallion coming later this year!”

The company that publishes roughly a dozen books per year, backs indie bands and artists such as the very talented Taylor Phelan whom most may recall was a popular first round pick on season 7 of the nationally televised show “The Voice”, was one of the first adopters of embracing this decades shift to e-book technology and the creator and developer of the TREEbook technology has always been ahead of the curve on innovative changes. The new “Creativity. Culture. And Beyond” focus will see beyond movies, music and movies even further with an even bigger net that will be revealed later this year.

About Medallion Media Group:

Medallion Media Group provides dynamic multimedia entertainment in collaboration with innovative writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and technologists. With a creative approach to book, music, and film production, we seek to synergize the arts and cultivate developing technologies to carve a path on the leading edge of content delivery. For more information, visit



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