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New arts-and-culture website, Crixeo, brings people together through the arts

Heather Musick, Medallion’s senior VP, here—and I am so excited to finally let you know what Medallion has been working on for two years now! In April 2016, we will launch the new arts-and-culture website Crixeo (pronounced ˈkrē-zē-ō), a digital playground for the inspired and creative mind. With monthly issues, just like a magazine, you will be able to easily navigate to many fantastic articles that will open yoCrixeo_mainur eyes to the beauty of the world all around you. In our first issue, you can dive into stories about craft beers and title sequences, how silent films are speaking louder than ever and even how to make a simple and delicious shrimp-and-grits recipe for one (or just double it for your big date)! We’re building a community of diverse thinkers who want to share the beauty, heart and determination found around us every day.

Publishing compelling work remains our aim, and from this new platform we’ll be able to not only deliver content to you but also interact and connect with you more than we ever have before.

Medallion COO Adam Mock said, “We’re so excited to be able to expand the stage to allow a bigger platform for more voices, more stories, and more interaction. Crixeo will give us the chance to engage with our audience on a deeper level and invite them to come and explore all the beauty this life has to offer.”

Our team will continue to innovate to bring people together through the arts, and Crixeo is just one of the ways we will do that. So mark your calendars for April 1, 2016, and join us at the intersection of life and art:

About Crixeo:

Crixeo (pronounced ˈkrē-zē-ō) is an arts-and-culture website covering everything from books, music, movies, fashion, and street art to design, technology, culinary art, sports, and family. Delivered in monthly issues, our stories from around the world celebrate the intersection of life and art where we all unite. Join us at

About Medallion Press, Inc.:

Medallion provides dynamic multimedia entertainment in collaboration with innovative writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists, and technologists. With a creative approach to book, music, and film production, we seek to synergize the arts and cultivate developing technologies to carve a path on the leading edge of content delivery.



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