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Today, we are pleased to announce the availability of our EPUB validating parser as our first open-source contribution available here on GitHub. The EPUB3Processor is distributed under the MIT license and is free to all for personal, academic, and commercial use.

What is EPUB3Processor?

EPUB3Processor is a lightweight, fast, portable EPUB-validating parser compatible with EPUB 2.x and the emerging 3 standard. It provides functions for listing the contents and a single validation entry point for validating the semantic structure and syntax of an EPUB file. It reports validation errors and optionally writes the manifest content documents to the underlying file system. Additionally, the processor provides information about the EPUB, including its metadata, manifest, and spine (table of contents) reference. Applications can use this information to provide EPUB-compatible reading software details needed to render the publication.

EPUB3Processor has been tested on Apple Mac OS X (Intel based) and Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad) operating systems. It should compile and execute on other systems, including UNIX, Linux, and Windows, but has not been fully tested on these platforms.

Why open source?

EPUB3Processor was written to support the widely popular and growing EPUB standard file format for our TREEbook product. To support the open-source community and IDPF’s efforts in supporting the Readium project, we are contributing the processor so others can benefit from its usage. Hooray!

The Readium Organization

We are working with the Readium organization to provide an extremely fast and portable (works on many operating systems and platforms) EPUB processor that may replace other solutions in EPUB compliant reading systems.

Please read Readium’s blog post on this announcement.


If you have any questions about our open source EPUB3Processor or if you are a developer who wants to contribute or get started, please visit the GitHub project page for information. You may also contact me directly using the information below.

I can be reached at brian (at) Shoot me a message and follow me on Twitter: @TripleThreatMob.

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