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Psst. Look, don’t tell her I said this, but when you get a chance, shoot our beloved Heather Musick a congrats message via our Medallion Facebook page. She just had a beautiful, healthy baby boy! As a result, this is Paul filling in . . .

TheDesignCookbookThis month, prepare to get your design groove on because we are bringing you a new release from DIY darling Kelly Edwards. In The Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home, Kelly presents her home-decorating tips in a fun and accessible collection of design recipes for each room of your house.

These days, many of us are spending increasing time and energy in our homes. We’re cooking and dining in, gardening, and tapping into our inner Mr. and Ms. Fix-it. Instead of hiring a designer, we are joining the do-it-yourself diehards to create spaces we love. At least, we would if we knew how!

Enter Kelly Edwards, cohost of Design on a Dime and My Awesome Room, who will guide you step by step from basic design projects to total transformations. As a lover of cookbooks and design, Kelly presents her tips in a fun and accessible collection of “recipes.” With hundreds of photographs and tips from amazing designers and tastemakers, The Design Cookbook: Recipes for a Stylish Home bridges the gap between a typical coffee table book and a DIY guide. Focusing on ingredients, proportions, and overall design aesthetics, Kelly delivers a guide for us to cook up our most stylish homes yet. Combine these ingredients to create your cozy, fabulous home—starting today!

Review: “VERDICT: With close to 300 color photographs of sophisticated interiors, experienced do-it-yourselfers will find an abundance of decorating ideas here.”

~Library Journal, Gayle A. Williamson, Fashion Inst. of Design & Merchandising, Los Angeles

Order your copy from your favorite retailer today!

The_Queens_Guard_Peony11Also in May, the second release in the Queen’s Guard series, The Queen’s Guard: Peony, will be available exclusively in e-book. Check out the first book in the series, The Queen’s Guard: Violet, and other titles by award-winning author Traci Hall today!

In the year 1147, Queen Eleanor and King Louis traverse to Jerusalem for the Second Crusade. Along with her fancy bedding and wine, the wily young queen brings five lovely and talented women: her spies.

Among them is the beautiful widow Isabella de Lacey, whose duty is to infiltrate Emperor Manuel’s inner circle and skillfully extract information. Will he aid the queen’s cousin or betray the alliance for one with the Turks?

To find out, Isabella must woo the emperor’s man, Raoul, whose soul is as black as his eyes and whose passion both terrifies and captivates her.

Review: “Traci E. Hall’s The Queen’s Guard: Violet has all the elements that make for a fantastic and sexy historical read. As always, Ms. Hall manages to beautifully convey real characters—and the human emotion that rules us through all time. I love her work!”
~ Heather Graham, New York Times best-selling author of Bride of the Night

Get it now from your favorite e-book retailer!

Looks like May is a month when you’ll get to experience some historical espionage while lounging in your newly designed living space. Enjoy!


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