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As of the date of this post, MMG Sidekick patch release, version 2.0.1, was approved by Apple and made available as an update on all global App Stores. Please update to the latest release to receive new features and critical bug fixes.

Next on the release schedule: Medallion places focus on social network integration, specifically Facebook and Twitter. The voice of our readers is important to Medallion so that we may stay responsive to your needs, likes and dislikes. It allows for continual communication with the people we value most, our amazing customers.

Integrating popular social network platforms in our products awards users an easy method for sharing their favorite Medallion titles and book passages. Additionally, social networking in our TREEbook™-enhanced books extends sharing by posting a reader’s current branch, events, and character development. We are diligently working on many possible integration points for TREEbook™ sharing.

Please rate and review our app on the Apple App Store. Your opinion matters to us and helps us continually improve the product. Drop me a line if you would like to be a product tester. Testers receive notifications for all test builds, complete with detailed release notes and on-demand prereleased content.

Get the latest MMG Sidekick for iPad, loaded with Medallion titles on the App Store.

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Be sure to read all about our latest TREEbook™ technology in my blog archive and thetreebook.com.

For all media and technical TREEbook™ inquiries, please contact us, and if you have a TREEbook™ manuscript you wish to submit for review, follow the instructions for submissions here.

I can be reached at brian (at) medallionpress.com. Shoot me a message and follow me on Twitter: @TripleThreatMob.

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