King Booker and an award-winning romance!

It’s September and that means we get to welcome autumn and two amazing new releases!

Wrestling fans, our first one is for you!

This month we bring you the highly anticipated autobiography of the six-time world champion and holder of thirty-five major professional titles within WWE, WCW, and TNA: Booker T. Huffman.

The newly appointed GM of SmackDown tells all about his life before the squared circle in Booker T: From Prison to Promise, written with best-selling coauthor Andrew William Wright.

Booker T. Huffman knows what it means to fight. He learned long before he entered the ring, when daily survival was a fierce battle.

Booker T: From Prison to Promise details Huffman’s struggles from his youngest years. Losing his father at only ten months and his mother at only thirteen years old, Booker was forced along with his seven siblings to navigate life alone. Wrestling with hunger, poverty, and criminal influences, he struggled to survive in urban Houston and soon spiraled out of control, gravitating toward gang life and ultimately landing in prison.

Finally confronting himself while incarcerated, Booker made a promise to rise above crime and hopelessness to accomplish greater things and become an agent of change in his community. From anonymity to stardom, from rags to riches, Booker T takes us on his journey From Prison to Promise . . . Now can you dig that, SUCKA?

Booker got the buzz going early this month as he made two appearance and signed prerelease copies of his book at Wizard World Chicago and Fan Expo Canada in Toronto. Prior to Fan Expo, Booker sat with Arda Ocal of theScore to discuss his new autobiography. You can check out the interview here.

Booker was also recently caught on TMZ! Check it out!

If that isn’t enough to get you excited about his book, check out these reviews:

“Booker’s story is incredible. You’ve heard the term ‘from rags to riches’? Booker had less than rags. . . .”
~ Doug Cataldo, Cardboard Connection Radio

“Booker T’s autobiography, From Prison to Promise, is a hell of a book, a noir true-life classic to put on a shelf next to Iceberg Slim’s. Booker T casts an honest, clear eye on the life of a kid who grows into a criminal, one who learns his lessons from a family and community of hustlers, dealers, pimps, prostitutes, thieves, and killers. He tells it straight, without excuse, how he figured it as he took every criminal step, and there are more of these kids and young men now than most of us would like to think about. Unlike Slim’s books, it’s no celebration of selfishness. Booker T knows exactly what he was.”
~ Bruce Mitchell, PW Torch

Need a little romance in your life? Maybe some humor? Then you won’t want to pass up this next release on September 15!

Author Kelly Fitzpatrick takes readers on a hilarious romp with a quirky, newly signed FBI agent and her handsome target in the new contemporary romance Pleasant Lake P.D.

Alexandria Moreno, parking enforcement officer for the serene town of Pleasant Lake, has signed on with the FBI to nail a gorgeous suspected criminal, Miguel Diaz, who’s passing himself off as a legitimate businessman. Alex’s assignment is to use her feminine wiles, of which she has few, to infiltrate Diaz’s world and find some evidence for a conviction.

To complicate matters, she’s teamed up with Detective Roman Plow, who is her ex-boyfriend, though the FBI doesn’t know it. As they focus on retaliating for past wrongs, real and imagined, their smoldering love/hate relationship brews. They’re not exactly an ideal team.

With her bumbling nature, a steamer trunk full of emotional baggage, and no investigating skills, Alex spends most of her time reminding herself that the tall, dark, and handsome Miguel Diaz is not her real boyfriend—and struggling to keep from falling into his bed. As she tries to dig up dirt on her undercover lover, the steamy investigation leads to a fight for her life. But who is behind the attacks?

You’ve gotta check this one out! This story won over twenty awards prior to publication!

“What a fun and exciting story! This is the first book by Kelly Fitzpatrick that I have read, and it was a delight. I loved every minute of it. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with next.”
~ Leah, Suspense Romance Writers

Be sure to come back next month as we get our spook on with the newest release from Gregory Lamberson!

Until then . . .


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