IPG and Kindle

In light of the news posted on Publishers Marketplace this morning, we acknowledge that our distributor, IPG, and Amazon were not able to come to an agreement in regards to their electronic book agreement. This situation has resulted in all of our Kindle titles being removed for purchase, though our print versions are still available on Amazon's site. Our titles remain available in print and electronic editions through other retailers, such as at your local independent bookshop, Barnes & Noble stores and website, Apple's iTunes, Google Books, bookstore.sony.com, and other various online retailers. Kindle Fire users can still download our titles by using almost any e-reader app and purchasing the EPUB and PDF editions from the above mentioned retailers. As always, we value your continued support as the publishing landscape continues to be pruned for greater things.

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2 Responses to IPG and Kindle

  1. Mark Brown says:


    as an Australian Kindle user who had previously purchased your books via Amazon this decision is effectively precluding me from doing so in the future.



    • Paul Ohlson says:


      We feel your pain. It doesn’t by any means make us happy that you, or any of our other customers, cannot get our titles via Amazon right now. But, the new contract terms Amazon was proposing were completely unfavorable toward us, our distributor, and our authors. And that’s not something any of us can condone without some push-back for a solution that works best for everyone. Our distributor, IPG, is working on a continued effort to come to a fair agreement with Amazon. Hopefully soon we’ll be able to announce that we’re back on Kindle. Thanks for your Feedback!