I’m back.

Hello. My name is Adam Mock, and I’m a blogger.

It’s been eight months since I last posted.

I must confess that during those eight months there were times I wanted to blog. I wanted to share with the world my two cents on the publishing industry and life at Medallion. But I didn’t.

However, I believe the last eight months can best be summed up by a Tweet I posted on November 7:

“Publishing news: Someone hates e-books. Someone loves print books. A bookstore closed. A bookstore opened. E-readers.” – @adammock

One hundred fifteen characters and you’re all caught up.

Of course, more than this happened during the last eight months. But those were the highlights. And if you dig deep enough into those highlights you’ll find mountains of stories and statistics on how the publishing world continues to shift and evolve. Some are leading the charge while others are waiting to see how the dust settles so they can start the rebuilding process.

Here at Medallion, we decided long ago to march forward. Not with great timidity but with courage, excitement, and hearts filled with wonder as we looked out at a horizon of infinite possibilities.

We reevaluated our print model, and changes were made. We dove into the deep end of offering exclusive digital content and made sure our entire backlist was available for download.

We began working with digital developers on a unique patent that will change the way we read and interact with e-books. I’ve been hinting at news of this for a while now, and soon we’ll be in a position to announce just what this invention is. We can’t wait!

We also realized our old website was antiquated and had become ineffective for our growing media company. So months were spent producing this swanky new website we have. With easier navigation and consolidated information, it’s never been simpler to keep up with favorite Medallion authors, musicians, and film projects.

We also looked at our own infrastructure. Toward the end of 2011, radical changes were made (and continue to be made) as we moved out of our St. Charles office and into our new digs in Aurora. Our new space is three times the size of our old one, allowing us plenty of room for continued growth as we sink our roots into this wonderful community.

It’s been a great thrill to see Medallion move onward and upward during this publishing revolution. And we could not have done it without the support of each and every one of you. Thank you for continuing to allow Medallion to shine.

– Adam C. Mock

President, Medallion Media Group

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