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The MMG Sidekick app for iPad is now available free in the App Store. This e-book reader app lets users purchase selections from the entire digital library of Medallion Press titles, and includes a rotating selection of free e-books every month. MMG Sidekick also comes embedded with TREEbook technology, which enhances the e-book reading experience by activating time triggers and multiple story branches already built into TREEbook version of particular books.

Support FAQs

Where can I get the MMG Sidekick app?

To download the awesome MMG Sidekick app, click here

How do I download a book in the MMG Sidekick store?

To download a book in the MMG Sidekick store, plug your nose with both thumbs and make spaceship sounds with your mouth. Just kidding. Actually, you can add books to your library using one of three methods: (1) Purchase a book in the in-app bookstore. (2) If you have a Dropbox account, you can synchronize your DRM-free EPUB files. (3) E-mail a DRM-free EPUB file to yourself or click on one while in Safari on your device. You will be given the option to open it in MMG Sidekick.

How do I add DRM-free media to my MMG Sidekick library?

In order to add DRM-free media to you Sidekick shelf, you must first pay back to your mother all of the money you’ve ever borrowed from her. Just kidding. Actually, you follow the second or third instruction above.

I added a non-Medallion title to my library, and the formatting is off. Why?

There’s a lot of technical whooey-booey that goes into this answer, but the short of it is this: Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee proper rendering or formatting of any non-Medallion products added to your Sidekick shelf. Most of the time there shouldn’t be any issues with non-Medallion stuff, so don’t get discouraged by one hookey experience.

What is your refund policy?

Since all transactions in the Sidekick store are handled by Apple, please refer to Apple’s refund policy for more information.

Can I use iTunes gift cards for in-app purchases?


Are you pigs storing my credit card information?

First, we are not pigs. We are all very nice people. Second, all credit card information for purchases is handled directly through iTunes. We do not store any of your credit card information.

What’s the scoop with compatibility?

MMG Sidekick requires iOS 7.0 or later and is compatible with iPad devices supporting iOS 7.0 or later. See Apple’s product pages for details.

Is MMG Sidekick available for the iPhone, Android, or other devices?

Not yet, young warrior, but soon.

Is MMG Sidekick optimized for the new high-res retina display?


Can I restore my purchases after I upgrade my device, or will I be calling you, screaming and cursing your name?

Just calm down now. We don’t want any trouble. Yes, you can restore your purchases after you upgrade your device. Hey, you can even restore if you get butter fingers and drop your iPad.

What is in-app purchasing, and how does it work?

In-app purchasing allows you to make content purchases directly in the MMG Sidekick app. You don’t need a separate user account, only your iTunes Apple ID with credit card on file. Your iOS device should already be logged in with your Apple ID.

Can I import my existing EPUB library into my Sidekick shelf?

With a big smile, I say, “Yes, you can.” Now smile back. That’s it. Nice. But be aware, only DRM-free EPUBs may be imported.

What is a push notification? Is it like what I get when I’m about to go to the toilet?

No, it’s not like that. Not at all, actually.  A push notification is more like what you get from your significant other when they want to tell you that they love you and they just can’t wait until you get home to say it. It’s a message you’ll get informing you of important things happening with your app. You can opt out of some of them, but let me ask you this: What would happen if you opted out of messages from your significant other? I’m just sayin’.

Do I get any free e-books when I download the MMG Sidekick app?

Yes, silly. Of course you do. When you open your MMG Sidekick app and go to the bookstore, you will see a category: Free.

Can I read reviews of the books in the MMG Sidekick store before I buy?

Let me review that question. Okay, I have an answer. Yes, although only industry/professional reviews at this time.

How do I use the search and filter features?

Here’s how. Go to the bookstore in the app, and you’ll notice a search field in the upper-right navigation bar. Type in a book title or author’s first or last name. The search is not case sensitive, but currently we support searching only title and author.

Can I sync my MMG Sidekick library with Dropbox?

Yes. Here’s how. Launch the app, and in the side menu is an on/off switch to add content from your Dropbox account. Switching to on, you will need to allow access and sign into your Dropbox account in the ensuing dialog. Once active, you can drop DRM-free EPUBs into Apps/MMG Sidekick on Dropbox, and they will be picked up by the app and added to your library.

Can I look up word definitions while reading a book?

Yes. Here’s how. When you use the iOS standard control for long pressing text on a page, the default menu will pop up, allowing you to select ”define.”

Am I able to customize font on the page?

Yes. You can select several supported font types and point sizes.

Can I read in both portrait and landscape format?



For help with questions that were not answered here, contact our support team