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Dark Seed

England. 1923. A violent earthquake has mysteriously transformed the village of Dennington Cross into a hellish realm of eternal darkness, overtaken by murderous beasts roaming the cobbled streets.   English university lecturer Alexander Drenn attempts to flee the village but … Continue reading »

Human Monsters

The epic conclusion of The Jake Helman Files! For two years, private investigator Jake Helman has battled powerful supernatural forces at great physical and emotional cost to himself. He’s stopped a serial killer who collected the souls of his victims, destroyed … Continue reading »

Frenzy Wolves, The

With the aid of his elite squad of super cops, NYPC captain Tony Mace has defeated the werewolf slayers known as the Brotherhood of Torquemada.  But now a new enemy has risen to persecute the peaceful Wolves, and Tony’s loyalty … Continue reading »