Developing Sidekick 2.0

It has been four months since my last post, but trust me, this wasn’t planned. My department has been hard at work developing MMG Sidekick 2.0 embedded with TREEbook technology. Here at Medallion, we have been pumping up this technology for quite some time (over two years . . . whew) and we’re proud to say 2.0 will finally ship early 2014 along with Greg Lamberson’s The Julian Year set for release soon after.

My involvement in product development spans almost two decades, and there has never been anything easy about the process. In many respects, it is not about the thing developed but rather how to make that thing the best it can be. From design and engineering to marketing promotion, doing it right takes time. Roadblocks inevitably present themselves, adding more time to the equation. Sidekick 2.0 is no exception.

At Medallion, we are building a next-generation reading platform to adapt with reading habits, allowing for creative writing to flourish for years to come. See my post Listening to the Creative Writing Community for a recap on what will be delivered in TREEbook technology. In no way would we sacrifice quality and overall user experience with something quick to market and half-baked with gimmicks.

To mix things up, in the middle of our release cycle, Apple released their latest mobile operating system, iOS 7, which caused us to rethink a few details in the design of our app. Initially, we planned on supporting both iOS 6 and the latest 7, but it proved too difficult, so we went full-on with iOS 7-only support in Sidekick 2.0. Yes, iOS 7 looks much different than its predecessors, but much more has changed under the hood, and it was precisely these under-the-hood changes that prompted us to go full-on iOS 7. At the end of the day, it was a wise move, allowing us to expand the functionality of our reading platform well into the foreseeable future.

More important than that thing you develop, the gadget it runs on, and the cutting-edge technology used are the dedicated and passionate people who work hard to make it a reality. From a core team of software developers, talented designers, and marketing professionals, it takes a group of smart people to deliver the goods. Thank you, team, for making this a reality!

Come back early next year for our 2.0 release announcement! But don’t wait! Get the latest MMG Sidekick for iPad, loaded with Medallion titles now on the App Store.


Happy holidays!

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