December New Releases

Well, we have made it to the close of another year! With the upcoming holiday, this last month always seems to fly by. This year we have introduced you to some wonderful new authors and a wide array of new titles. To round the year out, we bring you the second installment in the Seven Stars Trilogy, The Black Rose.

Having pledged themselves to the Apollonians’ humanitarian cause, Jack and Lucy continue their search for the Risa Star. Their journey takes them to worlds alien to them yet uncannily paralleling their own: an arctic mountain range, a city in the throes of industrialization, and a forest whose inhabitants are literally a part of their environment.

But they’re not the only ones looking. The Cult of Dionysus draws ever closer to the completion of its superweapon, threatening to wreak havoc on an unprecedented scale. Meanwhile, Alex remains the emperor’s prisoner, struggling against the increasingly inviting pull of the Darkness.

A white fox, a black rose, and gray smoke shrouding something just out of sight . . .

What does it all mean?

James Bartholomeusz, our very first YA-YA (Young Adults Writing for Young Adults) author, started writing the trilogy in St. Albans, Hertfordshire, in the sixth form. The second installment is not to be missed. Reviewers agree!

“This book continues the great saga that started with The White Fox. In this book you again are transported into a world different from your own. This being said, though, the author has done a great job at helping people to make the connections and providing an overall story that is fun and engaging. Also, the characters are well developed, and through Jack and Lucy’s journey, you are taken on an adventure that you (and they) will never forget!”

~ Dad of Divas Reviews, October 2012

“Just as in the first installment of the trilogy, this is full of references to heroic literature, time travel, excitement, and danger. Bartholomeusz, a teenager at the time of publication of the first book, pens a fast-paced page turner. . . .”

~ Kirkus Reviews

If you missed the first book in this series, check out The White Fox.

And look for The Grey Star to conclude the series in December 2013!

Next year will be an exciting one for Medallion Press as we commemorate our 10-year anniversary! Stay tuned for contests, fun facts, and much more as we include all of you in our celebration!

To add to the festivities as we kick off 2013, we’ll share news about the MMG Sidekick app and our groundbreaking TREEbook™ technology! If you haven’t already, sign up for our Growing Branches newsletter and be the first to know about release dates, new authors, and breaking news on this emerging reading experience.

Lastly, if you’re in need of last-minute gifts, we have your answer! Browse through our lists by genre, author, or title. We have something for everyone!

Until next time, have yourself a merry little Christmas and a safe and happy New Year!


Heather Musick
Senior Vice President
Medallion Press, Inc.



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