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Medallion Media Group

Helen A Rich
CEO, Medallion Media Group

Medallion is my baby, figuratively speaking. And it is not my only one. There are my literal children—three of them—and four grandchildren. And pets too numerous to mention. Twenty house pets alone, a pig included. Hey, it’s a big house, OK? Then there are all the critters on my 130-acre rescue farm: pigs, chickens, goats, rabbits, dogs, cats, horses, cattle, exotics. You can pretty much just name it, and I’ve probably got it. In my spare time (not much), I’m an author, of course, and an obsessed devourer of the written word. Oh, and did I mention I show horses around the country with my daughter? No, actually, I DON’T sleep.



Adam Mock
COO, Medallion Media Group

My name should be spelled with two Ds, thus making it ADDam Mock. Why? Because I’m chemically imbalanced and have joyously been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder. Let the good times roll. Being the prez of Medallion Media gives me a huge outlet for my mind forever voyaging, and for that I’m grateful.

Feel free to request my friendship on Facebook by looking up ADDam.mock, or follow all the craziness on Twitter. Your life will be richer for it.

By the way, buy my book!


Ali DeGray
President, Medallion Media Group

I believe that my interpretive dance at the local grocery store improves the lives of the strangers there. I also believe that Michael Myers and Dr. Loomis have never died, and will never die. When people question my irrational behavior, they are satisfied with the explanation, “Oh, I’m an artist.” Being vice president of Medallion Media has allowed me an avenue to boost other people’s goals while remaining unashamed of how weird I really am.

Heather Musick    
Senior Vice President

“All you need is faith and trust . . . and a little pixie dust!”

To say that I am a Disney nut is an understatement! As a child I was brought up on the idea that any dream, any wish can come true if only you believe, and I still believe that into my adulthood! Most of my spare time is devoted to my four-legged fur ball, a Pomeranian rat terrier, named Disney, of course!



Brian Buck
Executive Director of Technology

If book people are nerdy and computer people geeky, that must make me a nerdy geek. I don’t like labels, but hey, I seem to fit the description (minus the tape on the bridge of glasses and pocket protectors – that’s just too geeky).

For the better half of 20 years I have been developing software on various platforms. From early IBM PCs and mainframes to modern mobile device operating systems, I have covered quite a bit. Having the fortunate position with Medallion, I get to expand my creative outlet and crunch bytes of code. What a perfect world!

So all you nerds come geek-out with me. Find out what’s happening all-things-digital by following my Medallion tech blog.


Jim Tampa
Art Director


I love negative space.


As long as the design is solid, the rule of thirds is used as a guide, there’s movement, balance, unity, and good use of perspective, I’m a happy art director. Some of the artists who truly inspire me include my father, N.C. Wyeth, John Singer Sargent, Don Seegmiller, Peter Mohrbacher, Stanley Lau, Pat Reilly, and Maxfield Parish to name but a few.

I’m a formally trained artist and a graduate of the American Academy of Art with majors in electronic design and illustration and minors in watercolor and life drawing. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work at several ad agencies, do some traditional cel animation for commercials, color comic books, and create many freelance illustrations for a variety of companies.


Deviant Art

Arturo Delgado
Graphic Designer

Many people say I’m an elusive wise guy, a harlequin who likes to dress up in costumes all year round. They also say my greatest asset is my body. No argument there.

Michal Wlos
Graphic Designer

Hi. I’m Michal. (That’s ME-how if you can pronounce it, or just plain Michael if you can’t.)

Here is a list of my top five favorite things. First is a tie between my dogs, Olive and Coco. Second is Lost. (Faraday and Desmond are the best.) Third are eight-hour naps followed by watching Sin City or Planet Terror just because I have nothing else to do. Fourth consists of anything that relates to The Joker. And finally, fifth is supreme deep-dish pizza (which I could eat for breakfast, brunch, lunch, afternoon snack time, and dinner).



Emily Steele
Editorial Director

Shortly after earning a bachelor’s degree in English education, I began working with a book publisher as a proofreader. Being intimately involved in the early stages of a book’s life was a thrill. In the years since, I’ve continued to edit and collaborate on manuscripts with new and seasoned writers, including some best-selling authors. My favorite things about working at Medallion Press are the staff’s innovative spirit and commitment to excellence and the meaningful connections we’ve made with authors and readers.

My favorite silly quote, which makes sense only in print, is this:

Let’s eat Grandpa!
Let’s eat, Grandpa!

Punctuation saves lives.


Lorie Jones
Editorial Manager

When I’m not studying a dictionary, I’m probably doing something else really cool and definitely not nerdy like watching documentaries, attending sock monkey festivals, quoting The Simpsons, experimenting with toy cameras, or alphabetizing my record collection.



Anne Ross
Accounting and HR Director

I’m a hugger; I hug everyone. Why? Because a hug says it all. I believe everyday life is like a Seinfeld episode, and when I have a hard time making a decision, I just go to the old reliable Magic 8 Ball.

Here’s my favorite quote: “If you see someone without a smile, give him one of yours.”

Sales and Marketing


Paul Ohlson
Director of Sales and Marketing

I’m a 6’5” specimen of pure manhood. I love deeply and work hard to accomplish my own goals and the goals of others. I’m a lifelong Bears fan. Hey, it’s better than being a lifelong Cubs fan. At least the Bears won the Super Bowl. My wife just got angry with me when I read that line to her because she’s a lifelong Cubs fan. Feel free to friend me on Facebook.

Brigitte Shepard
Marketing ManagerBrigitte

I knew my calling was to be in marketing communication since I was young and reading the back of shampoo bottles for the tag lines. I also loved books and acted like a librarian, making my brother check out his books from my bedroom. I know he loved it!

I earned my bachelor’s degree in marketing with a minor in British literature from SIU, where I worked in the library, of course, and from Roosevelt University. I have worked in marketing for a decade now and have had the pleasure of interning on 101.9 The Mix, working on visitor guide content for convention and visitors bureaus, consumer marketing for travel magazines, and I even spent some time marketing a castle (every girl’s dream, right?).



Jeanne Chybik
Administrative Assistant

(Read with an Irish accent)
In me free time during the summer, I enjoy attending cruise nights and carriage shows with me hubby. Our current restored collection includes a 1651 Fjord Coupe and a 1756 Fjord Victoria. Me hubby is currently restoring a 1551 Fjord Ratatouille Rod Pickup and a 1638 Fjord Business Coupe.

This winter me hope is to finish decorating our Tudor bedroom addition, which includes a secret fireplace escape route leading down to an underground labyrinth guarded by David Bowie, that me intends to curl up next to and begin reading some great Medallion books.

I’ve been havin’ the opportunity to volunteer fer Triple Threat, a nonprofit mentoring organization that helps kids in the village learn morally appropriate artistics, mathematics, science, and Quidditch. To interact with such polite, talented, and energetic children has been an overwhelmingly positive experience fer meself.