Keep It Clear with a Style Sheet

Writers, to ensure consistency in your book (or series), prepare a style sheet. Here are the items we recommend including in your style sheet for each book:


  1. Characters’ names. Include their full names (if applicable), physical features, ages, relationships to other characters, and other distinguishing characteristics.
  2. A brief time line. Note the days/times and a brief description of what’s covered in each chapter.
  3. Real names: brands, companies, places, people, etc. (Verify that they’re spelled and capitalized correctly.)
  4. Foreign words and phrases. (Verify that they’re spelled, capitalized, and used correctly.)
  5. Quoted material. (Verify that it’s spelled, capitalized, and credited correctly. Be prepared to pay licensing fees, if applicable.)
  6. Intentional exceptions to grammar or spelling rules. (Here at Medallion, we rely on Chicago Manual of Style and Merriam-Webster.)
  7. Habit words and phrases. (Try to reduce these.)


Your style sheet will help you clear up the details of your manuscript. The end result will be a more inviting world for your readers to dive into.


Happy editing!

About Rosburg Helen A

Helen A Rich is owner, president, and executive editor of Medallion Press, Inc., a nonfiction and genre fiction publishing company based in Aurora, IL. Helen is also an award-winning author, who has previously written as Helen A Rosburg, and a sponsor of Triple Threat Mentoring, a not-for-profit organization devoted to helping under-resourced urban youth gain confidence and life skills. She lives on a slightly dusty farm in Florida with a zoo’s worth of rescued or retired critters, including horses, rabbits, dogs, cats, pigs, and chickens. When not running Medallion Press, writing, or showing horses and dogs, Helen enjoys traveling to exotic locations across the world.


Awards and Nominations

By Honor Bound

2005 Affair de Coeur Reader Writer Poll Nominee for Best Overall Historical

Call Of The Trumpet

Honorable Mention for Genre-Based Fiction for the 2007 London Book Festival

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