Tomorrow’s World

By Davie Henderson

In tomorrow’s world there are no more butterflies, no coral reefs or rainbows. Appalled by what they’ve done to their planet, people have lost all faith in human nature. Now the cold logic of computers determines how they will live their lives. And although old divisions of race, color, and creed have disappeared, a new chasm has split the barren, altered world, and it is deeper than anything that has gone before. The line has been drawn between naturally born people, Names, and those who have been genetically engineered, Numbers.

“Perfect Paula” is a Number; Ben Travis is a Name. They are both detectives and they must work together to solve a murder—a murder committed because someone, quite possibly, has discovered the meaning of life and the truth about God. The computers, and the governing EcoSystem they control, are not happy.

Solving the case will give Ben and Paula the answer to age-old questions, but it looks like they’re going to have to pay for the knowledge with their lives. Risking everything, and overcoming bone-deep prejudice, they are forced to put their faith in each other. In doing so, they discover things about themselves, the past, and the future which no computer could ever understand . . .

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