Riddle of Solomon, The

By D.J. Niko

Cambridge archaeologist Sarah Weston and American anthropologist Daniel Madigan are working on the Qaryat al-Fau archaeological site in Saudi Arabia when they uncover a mysterious ancient scroll written in the form of a riddle. As they try to date and decipher the scroll, a number of ills, including a catastrophic fire, befall their expedition and the scroll is stolen.

Sarah and Daniel follow a trail of clues leading to India, Jerusalem, and the Judean wilderness, where they discover the truth about the scroll: it was written by King Solomon as a map to an ancient manuscript containing an astounding revelation.

But Sarah and Daniel are not the only ones intent on finding it. Trent Sacks, a privileged young Briton, has spent years and a fortune looking for this manuscript. The man believes he is the last descendant of the House of David in the line of Solomon, and he will stop at nothing to amass the ancient relics to prove to the world he is the Messiah. Leaving destruction and a string of murders in his wake, he vows to crush Sarah and Daniel for challenging his quest.

Journeying through the worlds of the occult, corporate greed, geopolitical conflict, Judaic mysticism, and biblical archaeology, Sarah and Daniel race against time and a formidable enemy to uncover the powerful ancient message that could have an explosive impact on modern Israel. But is the world ready for the revelation it contains?

Book 2 in the Sarah Weston Chronicles
US $14.95 / CDN $14.95
ISBN# 9781605425290

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