Frenzy War, The

By Gregory Lamberson

Two years have passed since NYPD Captain Tony Mace hunted down and slew Janus Farel, the rogue werewolf who terrorized New York City. Mace paid a price for bucking the brass, and now he pushes paper in the K-9 unit while awaiting retirement, aware that a species of peaceful Wolves lives among us.

The Brotherhood of Torquemada, hell-bent on the Wolves’ extinction, dispatches a team of assassins to wipe out the Wolves residing in NYC. Each assassin has been trained since childhood to fulfill this destiny, and each possesses a revered silver sword, the Blade of Salvation.

When the NYPD and the FBI determine that the Wolves and Torquemadans are engaged in a secret battle, they choose Mace to lead a covert joint task force charged with preventing a citywide panic—at any cost. But Mace’s wife, Cheryl, is a journalist who threatens to uncover the ancient war that has found its way to our shores.

Battle lines are drawn. Loyalties are tested. Bonds are broken. And blood is shed in a war unlike any seen by modern man.

Book 2 in the Frenzy Cycle
Trade Paperback
US $14.95
ISBN# 9781605424538

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