Storm Demon

By Gregory Lamberson

Jake Helman returns to New York City, anxious to start a new life with NYPD homicide detective Maria Vasquez. But the supernatural forces making his life hell have no intention of leaving him alone.

When psychic healer Laurel Doniger disappears, Jake lays his life on the line to bring her back alive. With time running out, he must uncover the truth behind Laurel’s secret past. He’s drawn into a conflict with a being who has existed since the dawn of mankind. She’ll destroy New York City to take revenge on those who interfere with her plans. This beautiful creature is known by many names—Lilith, succubus, witch—but Jake and his allies will come to know her as the Storm Demon. And the world will never be the same.

Book 5 in the Jake Helman Files
Trade Paperback
US $14.95/$14.95 CDN
ISBN# 9781605427461

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