Starlight & Promises

By Cat Lindler

During an 1891 voyage to an uncharted isle in the Furneaux Islands near Tasmania, Richard Colchester, sixth Earl of Stanbury, finds a saber-toothed tiger believed to have been extinct for over ten thousand years. His sighting of the Smilodon will astonish the world . . . that is, if he ever makes it back home to England.

When Lady Samantha realizes her esteemed Uncle Richard has disappeared under suspicious circumstances, she enlists the help of Professor Christian Badia, a noted zoologist and animal tracker who specializes in wild cats. Not only will she organize the expedition; she herself will join in the treacherous search.

Christian is a notorious recluse, so the last scenario she anticipates is a romantic interlude, but Samantha is drawn unexpectedly into a world of physical passion. She knows this enigmatic man is her soul mate. But when Christian must embark on his own dangerous assignment, Samantha realizes she may forever lose her newfound love.
Unable to sit and wait, Samantha launches her own investigation—and finds herself in grave danger. Will Christian find her . . . before it’s too late?

Historical Romance

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