Of Sound Mind

By James Waltzer

A slow-boil, modern noir, Of Sound Mind finds audiometry technician Richard Keene settling into his new, center-city apartment just as he reaches his thirtieth birthday. Formerly confined to a mental institution, Richard struggles to adapt to a world of adult freedom. He possesses abnormally acute powers of hearing and suffers from claustrophobia, yet he feels unleashed to dare fate in high places—in short, he is a bundle of neuroses.

When he believes he hears a strangulation murder committed behind the closed door of a neighboring apartment in his high-rise, Richard confronts a chance for redemption that he knew would come someday. For the incident eerily parallels the defining experience of his childhood, the night he heard—through the walls of his row house—the death struggle of the little girl next door.

But just how reliable are Richard’s perceptions?

Trade Paperback
US/CDN $14.99

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