Something Bad

By Richard Satterlie

2008 IPPY Silver Medal Award winner for Horror

Gabe Petersen can’t cross the borders of his rural Tri-county area—even the thought triggers the erratic cardiac rhythm and breathing difficulty of a panic attack. And he doesn’t know why. His memories stop at twelve years of age, his early years nonexistent.

But when a strange little man arrives in town, Gabe feels an unsettling sense of familiarity. Then families begin to die, all because of bizarre natural disasters, and the events trigger glimmers of memory for Gabe. Memories pointing to Thibideaux, the strange little man.

Returning memories open a door on rusty hinges in Gabe’s mind. Behind the door is a catatonic Catholic priest who fled the area years ago after he was found sitting on the church altar surrounded by the slaughtered remains of several animals. And Gabe now remembers … he was there. Along with Thibideaux.

The past explodes, revealing Gabe’s deepest fears. This time, his family is Thibideaux’s prize. And Gabe’s only weapon to defend them is his mind …

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