Romance Legacy Bundle – A Collection of Titles by Helen A Rosburg

By Helen A Rosburg

Romance Bundle by Helen A Rich writing as Helen A Rosburg

By Honor Bound
Affaire de Coeur Best Overall Historical Nominee! Honneure Mansart, orphaned child of a lowly servant, finds herself at the glittering palace of Versailles as a servant to the young and lovely Marie Antoinette. Her lifelong love Phillipe also serves the young princess. Their lives are golden—until the aging king’s mistress and her servant scheme to destroy them. Sadness and tragedy stalk them, and a terrible secret might lead Honneure to the guillotine in the footsteps of her queen.

The Dream Thief
Someone is murdering young, beautiful women in mid-sixteenth century Venice. Even the most formidable walls of the grandest villas cannot keep him out, for he steals into his victims’ dreams. Holding his chosen prey captive in the night, he seduces them…to death. Fearing for her daughter’s life, Pina’s mother takes her away to their estate in the country, where she is vulnerable to her fiancé and the murderer who seeks her.

Call of the Trumpet
London Book Festival Honorable Mention for Genre-Based Fiction! Upon her French father’s death, Cecile must choose to stay in Europe, where she’s spurned for her and her mother’s heritage or return to the place of her birth, the Sahara Desert. She embarks on the journey of a lifetime, her upbringing clashing with a Bedouin culture that seems brutal and male-oriented. The struggle will earn her a new name, Al Dhiba bint Sada—She-Wolf, daughter of Sada—and teach her about love and loyalty. And heartbreak.

Blaze of Lightning, Roar of Thunder
Horse wrangler Ring Crossman comes across a half-wild woman in the western wilderness, but when Louisa Rodriguez won’t say her name, he gives her one. Blaze, for the lightning-like streak of white in her long, black hair where a bullet has creased her skull. He gives her his heart, too, but she’s interested in nothing but revenge. Vengeance consumes Bane, too, who’s devoted to finding the man who raped his Apache mother and fathered him. When the Bringer of Thunder crosses trails with the only human whose thirst for blood is as great as his own, the two unleash a storm that threatens all around them. Including themselves.

Lady Blue
From the freedom of the American cattle ranch to the restraint of the English parlor, Harmony Simmons loses all she’s ever valued after the death of her affluent parents. Her mother’s will keeps her under the guardianship of her domineering older sister, Agatha, until she turns twenty-one. Then comes Anthony Allen, who kidnaps this beautiful angel with the sapphire eyes, coaxing his Lady Blue into his arms forever. When he introduces himself as suave aristocrat Lord Farmington, however, Harmony can’t determine whether he loves her or is merely seeking her inheritance.

Featuring such tales as the vampire romantic tragedy “Angelique” and the western ghost story “Jimmy Flynn,” this poetry collection will pull you into a new world with every turn of the page. With fanciful figures and wondrous creatures depicted in picture and poetry, Arabesque will capture you in its spell.

The Circle of a Promise
A knight and the daughter of one of Henry III’s barons fell in love. Stephen of Bellingham and Amarantha of Ullswater were thrown together in a desperate bid to escape the madness of Baldwin, Earl of Cumbria. The taste of their first kiss still on his lips, Stephen made a vow: to love Mara forever and keep her safe. But in a battle to save their lives and love, she died in his arms. Today Steve Bellingham wakes up, sees again what happened so long ago, and knows only one thing can make his life whole. He will reach into the past and fulfill his vow.

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