Passion’s Blood

By Cherif Fortin & Lynn Sanders / Fortin & Sanders

Master illustrators Cherif Fortin and Lynn Sanders bring us this stunning interactive Illustrated Romantic Masterpiece which proudly stands as the first of its kind in the romance genre. Readers have never been able to see, touch, and feel passion with such realism—until now. Passion’s Blood pulls you into an enchanting world of beauty, betrayal, and magic with more than 25 gorgeous, full-color, interactive illustrations.

Lady Leanna is a flame-haired beauty loved by her betrothed, Prince Emric, desired by his loathsome brother, Prince Bran. Although in love with Emric, Leanna has still not made her peace with the knowledge that this arrangement was forced upon her. Prince Emric, noble and courageous, rides to war, ignorant of his brother’s dark treachery. In a net of betrayal and violence, the young lovers must preserve their faith, and Leanna must keep Emric alive with her love and the magical powers she herself does not fully understand . . .

Now available as an interactive e-book app for your iPad. Watch the trailer for Passion’s Blood and experience passion like never before!

Illustrated Romantic Masterpiece
US $25.95 / CDN $28.95
ISBN# 9781605420622

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