More Forensics And Fiction

By D.P. Lyle

How do hallucinogenic drugs affect a blind person? Will snake venom injected into fruit cause death? How would you perform CPR in a helicopter? What happens when someone swallows razor blades? How long does it take blood to dry? Can DNA be obtained from a half-eaten bagel?

Crime writer and forensic and medical expert D.P. Lyle, MD, consultant to the writers of CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Monk, and House, answers these and many more intriguing questions from crime writers around the world. The informative and entertaining questions and answers provide fascinating insight into medical and forensic science as well as how a writer’s creative mind works.


US $14.95/CDN $14.95
ISBN: 9781605423944

Rights sold:

  • China, Rye Field Publications (A div. of Cite Publishing Ltd.), Taiwan (traditional characters)
  • China, Changsha Senxin Culture Dissemination Limited Company, (simplified characters)
  • Thailand, ABOOK


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