Mark Of The Devil

By William Kerr

From Florida’s northeast coast and the unnerving underwater exploration of a sunken corpse-filled WW-II German U-boat to the ancient city of Koblenz, Germany, former Navy Special Warfare officer Matt Berkeley searches for identification of the submarine, its mission and a long-hidden document locked within its hull.

Berkeley’s pursuit of the truth leads him not only to the vaults of the German National Archives and a nightmare of gunfire and murder, but also to an elderly widow and her horrifying memories of the Auschwitz death camp. Ultimately, the search takes him to the submarine’s most guarded secret, a revelation that could forever disgrace the Catholic Church in the eyes of the world. Each mind-shattering event plunges Berkeley down a path littered with lies, betrayal, death, and the discovery of a single gold ingot bearing . . . the Mark Of The Devil.

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