Life Sentences

By Tekla Dennison Miller

There are men who take women’s lives. There are men who kill their souls . . .

Celeste Brookstone has the perfect life. On the surface when her daughter takes a job with the Department of Corrections in the Michigan Prison System, she fears for Pilar’s safety. But she’s glad she’s away from the hell on earth Marcus Brookstone has created within his own home.

Pilar Brookstone is an idealist. She thinks she can change things, Make inmates’ lives a little better. And never, ever make the mistake her mother made.

Chad Wilbanks is a serial killer. He is serving life. Eight young women were the offender’s victims. Is the inmate about to take his ninth?

Men who kill.

The women who love them.


Book 1 in the Chad Wilbank Series
Mass Market Paperback
US $6.99 / CDN $9.99
ISBN# 9781932815252

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